How to Fill DV Form?

How to Fill DV Form

How to Fill DV Form yourself? it is a question in the mind of all interested Nepali people. Here we give step by step process to submit online DV Lottery form.

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You can easily fill the dv lottery form yourself. it is not necessary to go to the assistant for online diversity visa lottery form. Just follow these steps to fill online edv lottery application form.

How to Fill DV Form

  • Go to
  • Read DV 2024 instruction given there
  • Tap on begin entry in this page
  • Now you will get authentication code complete it.
  • This will take you to the part one page of dv lottery online form
  • Complete this page carefully
  • Now just procced as it is asked in the form

During this process if you find any confusion just contact us. Our expert’s team will reply you with in one working day.

EDV 2024 New Rules

There are some changes in the electronic diversity visa lottery. The provision of the passport is now removed. It means the passport is not mandatory for the dv lottery application. Beside this there are some other minor changes. You can read it in details in the dv instructions given in

DV Photo Apps

The most important part of the dv lottery is the correct size dv photograph. Every year thousands of applications are being invalid due to incorrect photo. Hence check you dv lottery photograph before submitting it. There are many online apps to check the online dv photo size.

Similarly, you can find the details about dv lottery photo size in the official page of state government.

EDV 2024 Last Date

Never wait for the last date for dv application. The past history shows that early applicants have higher probability to be selected in the dv lottery. Though dv lottery is completely computer based random selection.

At the last moment the dv server will be so busy that your application may not be recorded. Therefore, do not wait till the last date.

Complete your application form as early as possible.

EDV 2024 Result

State government publish the DV 2024 result by the first week of May 2023. You need the unique confirmation number to check the dv lottery result. There is no any other way to get the dv result. The only way is the state government dv lottery website.

FAQ about DV Lottery

Here are some frequently asked dv lottery questions. Try to get the answer of these questions in our next article.

  • Who can apply for DV?
  • I have no academic qualification can I apply for DV?
  • What age group people are eligible for dv lottery?

Get answer of such questions from our next article.

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