EDV 2023 Result with Name List !!!

EDV 2023 Result with Name List

Here we have EDV 2023 Result with Name List. Many people are looking for DV winners name list. So, we have prepared this list of dv winners.

EDV 2023 Result with Name List

It is the final list of dv winners from Nepal. Hence try to find your name in this list. The state government does not publish the dv result. It is our attempt to collect the name and address of dv winners from Nepal.  

EDV 2023 Result with Name List

DV 2023 Result

The state government has published DV result. So, you can check the online result from the official site of dv lottery. You need the confirmation number to get the online dv result. This confirmation number is the number you gain during the online application of dv lottery.

How to Check DV Result?

Many people comment this questions in our article. Hence today we are going to provide you the steps to get online dv lottery result.

  • First of all go to www.dvlottery.state.gov
  • Now find the dv result page.
  • Enter all the required details in this page.
  • Finally submit the details for the online result.

How to get DV Result if Confirmation Number is Lost?

If you have lost the confirmation number still you can check the dv result. So for this you have to follow the above steps. When you reach to the official page then there find the option in one corner written confirmation number lost. Tap in this button and follow the instructions given there.

Some Questions about DV Result 2023

When will 2023 DV results be out?

The state government publish the result by the first week of May 2022. Hence all the dv lottery applicants can check the online result after this. To get the dv result follow the above steps. We have step by step process to get online dv lottery result.

How can I check my DV 2023 result?

There is no other way to get dv result beside its official page. Hence to get the result visit the official page of dv program. At the same time, you get the notification of the dv result via gbsnote.com.

we always provide the timely information about diversity visa lottery from our social media page.

How many Nepali won DV 2022?

Nearly four thousand won dv lottery 2022 from Nepal. We have the name list of these dv lottery winners in our previous article. Hence if you want to learn more about the dv lottery winners please check our pervious article.

How can I use EDV from Nepal 2023?

All the eligible Nepali can apply dv lottery. However, you must meet the dv lottery requirement. If you won, the lottery but you do not have the minimum criteria of dv lottery then you will not get visa.

Hence before apply for the lottery read the instructions about the dv program.

Is Nepal eligible for DV 2023?

Till the date Nepal is eligible country for the dv lottery. Hence all the Nepali people around the world where ever they are can apply the dv lottery. It is not necessary that they must in Nepal during the lottery application.

Many Nepali people currently living in USA has already won the lottery. It is good luck to them. As they can give the visa interview in USA itself.

Fake emails for DV Result

You may receive the email that you won the dv lottery. If it is so, do not go after such mails. The American government does not send such mails for the dv winners. So this type of emails is fraud. Fake people to collect few dollars send such mails. We have been listening such incidents of cheating in our society.

Early Money for Processing

You have won the dv lottery. Congratulations !!! now we need money for your visa processing. People may send such mails to you. These are all fake. Never go after such emails.

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