Danish Green Card Lottery Program !!!

Danish Green Card Lottery Program

If you are skilled manpower, then Danish Green Card Lottery Program gives you the opportunity. This card will let you live and work in European Union countries.

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Danish Green Card Lottery Program

This Danish Green Card Lottery Program allows you to live and work any EU member countries. But you must meet the minimum score for the application. It is point based system. Hence the score of age, language skill, work experience and education level is important for the application.

If you can score enough points you will get residence permit valid for three years. It is renewable EU card. On the top of this will be eligible to bring you immediate family members.

In addition to scoring enough points, you must have health insurance police. Similarly, you must give proof that you can support you and your family financially during the job search. It means you must have enough money to support family members until you get job.

Take Eligibility Test, Do I Qualify for the Green Card?

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Danish Green Card Point System

The Danish Green Card system collect points from five main areas. Well, here we discuss them one by one.


  • The minimum education level for the application is bachelor degree. Preference will be given to nurses and school teachers.
  • You will get bonus points if you have Master’s Degree or PhD.  
  • If you are graduates of internationally recognized university you will get bonus points.


If you are able to read and write in any one of the following languages, then you are eligible for the application.

  • English
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish

Work Experience

Work experience provide points for green card. Basically the number of years you have worked in the field with Denmark has shortage of labors. Therefore, Denmark most demand job area work experience gets good score.


If you have education or work experience related to European Union, then that gives you good score for the points based system.


The applicant must be below 40 years. The younger gets more score in comparison to the old one.

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