EDV 2020 DV Lottery 2020 Free Application Form

EDV 2020 DV Lottery 2020 Free Application Form

EDV 2020 DV Lottery 2020 Free Application Form is now open. So we suggest all to complete this EDV 2020 DV Lottery 2020 Free Application Form.

You have to go to DV Lottery Official Site to fill online application form.

EDV 2020 DV Lottery 2020 Free Application Form

Well DV Lottery 2020 begins from October 3 2018.                                                      The closing Date of EDV 2020 is 6 November 2018.

Best Time for EDV Online Application 

According to the US embassy Kathmandu notice it is better to fill the online dv lottery form as soon as possible. So we would like to suggest all the interested candidates to make the online application right now.

Important Tips for Making EDV 2020 Application

Read these instructions before making dv application. A small mistake can make you online lottery form disqualified. We suggest all the applicants to submit the photograph without hat or cap. Similarly do provide the photograph of ineligible people.

EDV 2020 Online Registration

EDV 2020 online registration begins from 3 October 2018. The last date for the application is 6 November 2018. But we suggest all the applicants to make early application.

Things to Remember While Filling DV Form

You must fill the online edv form carefully. Even a minor error can make your application disqualified. Every year thousands of dv applications are being disqualified. Hence the following points are important while making online EDV Lottery Application.

  • Give recent and correct size photograph.
  • Never give fake information while filling the online form.
  • Make online checking of the photo before submitting the application form.

Qualification for EDV 2020

The minimum qualification for dv lottery 2020 is secondary level education. Generally it is called class 12 passed in Nepal. But if you are secondary school graduate still you can apply for dv lottery. But for this purpose you need valid certificate of few years work experience.

Where is Online EDV 2020 Form?

Here you can get the online dv form. So, to get the online form go to dv lottery official site. It is dvlottery.state.gov. Here is online edv form.

Correct Time to Fill Online EDV Form

It is better to fill the dv form as early as possible. As mentioned above it starts from October 3 2018. So make the correct size photograph for the dv application.

Can I Fill May EDV 2020 Form Myself?

Sure it is free to make online dv lottery application. So you can complete your dv lottery form yourself. If you have android mobile or computer then you can complete your online dv form yourself.

Steps for DV Lottery Online Application Form

Here are the easy steps to fill online edv form. EDV 2020 starts on 3 October 2018. The winners of dv 2020 can fly USA on first month of 2020. So it is called edv 2020. There are thousands of Nepalese in USA under dv lottery scheme.

  • Go to the official site of dv lottery.
  • Provide the necessary information asked there.
  • Supply the correct size dv photograph.
  • Once check the details before submitting.
  • Finally submit the application form.

How to Fill the DV Lottery Form?

It is easy to fill the dv lottery application form here. Just follow the instruction given above to make the online EDV application form. There are hundreds of people able to win the lottery filling their form themselves. So we suggest all to make the application yourself.

Free Online Help and Support to Fill EDV 2020 form

So if you need any help for EDV 2020 DV Lottery 2020 Free Application Form contacts us. Our expert team is always ready to help you. Just leave your question in the comment box below we will try to reply it as soon as possible.

More Information about EDV 2020

It is better to make the application as early as possible. It is given in the notice of U embassy Kathmandu notice. So make your online application today itself.

EDV 2020 Result 

State government publishes the EDV 2020 result on first week of May 2019. Here we will give the name list of edv 2020 winners so be in touch with us.

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