EDV 2018 Winner Name list, List of EDV Lottery 2018 Winners

EDV 2018 WINNER Name list

You can find the EDV 2018 winner name list over here. The fortunate EDV 2018 winner name list will be attached here as soon as the result publishes. In our previous article we have already given you the ideas about finding the result of edv 2018.

How to Check EDV 2018 Result?

So if you have any confusion about finding the result of edv 2018 lottery please go to our previous article attached in the same site.

How to find EDV 2018 Winner Name list?

The EDV 2018 WINNER Name list will be updated as soon as the state government published the dv result. Probably it is the easiest way to check your edv 2018 result. As it is mentioned above we have given step by step procedure to fine the edv 2018 result. Just follow it to check your dv result. Sometime people are found confused about the way of finding the result.

DV winner Name List

When will the EDV 2018 result publish?

EDV 2018 result will be published in the month of May. There were many rumors about edv 2018 in the beginning. However it is now clear that the result will come soon. Every year many Nepalese people get chance to migrate America under this scheme.

Life of DV winners in USA

Life in USA is quite different than Nepal. So far we got the information from the Nepalese living in America life in USA is just like machine. Nobody gets food without work. According to them Nepal is the only country where people get eating without working. Only few people in the family work whereas remaining members are auto feeding.

In this sense life in Nepal is easy. On the other hand the education, health and many more facilities are there in America. USA is the super power country in the world. Sometime it is said that everyone in this world has a dream to visit America.

DV lottery the best way to migrate America

DV lottery program is the simplest and cheapest way to migrate America for Nepalese people. So there is big pressure for this lottery program.

NB: DV winner list will be published After the EDV result in this article.

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