The Amendment of Education Act 1972

education act

The amendment of education act has recently done. It has brought many changes in schooling system in Nepal. Now SLC exam will be at the end of secondary level that in grade 12. there will be only two categories of schools. That basic schools and high schools. Basic schools runs classes up to grade eight and high school goes up to grade 12.

SLC 2072; The Last Batch of SLC in Grade 10

The SLC result of the year 2072 is going to publish soon. Nearly six lakhs students appeared the exam this year. It is the first time in the history of SLC that the result is will be based on grading system. Probably it is the most awaited result in Nepal. Students and parents are equally curious for the result.

Nowadays students can check the result in different ways. The most common way to check the SLC result is the internet. When there is rush in the internet, the certain site may not work properly. On the hand most of the people are not aware of the true site for the correct information. The official site of the government of Nepal provides the authentic information to the people.

 It is our attempt to relay the message to the students so that they check the SLC result in comfortable way. The official site like gives correct information to the public. Sometime in a hurry we may forget even the ID of this site. Other telephone service provider also offers the services during that time.

Students with the symbol number and date of birth can see the mark sheet as well in the internet. So when you are free please note it down.The office of the controller of examination is working hard to publish the result. If everything goes normal it may be the last national level exam for grade 10.

Education Act 2016

According to the amendment of education act the board exam will be in grade 12. As the new provision grade 9 to 12 is the secondary level. In grade 10 students will be facing regional level exam. According to the new provision in the education act grade 12 final exam will be the school leaving certificate (SLC) exam.

There are many things to be done before the implementation of the act. The schools will be of two categories, namely basic schools and secondary schools. The existing school running classes up to grade 10 will be promoted to grade 12 or reduce to basic level. Basic level schools will have classes up to grade 8.

After the amendment of education act, the private schools which are commonly known as boarding schools are found in dilemma. If they wish to upgrade the school up to grade 12 most of them are lagging in physical infrastructure. On the other hand if they reduce to basic level school their income will highly reduce. In the present context the owner of the private schools are in confusion and tension.

MOE Notices

How to manage the structure of the schools is being a challenge for the owner of the schools at the moment. While running classes up to grade 10 it was easy. Most of the private school used to ask parents of grade 10 to keep their kids compulsorily in the hostel. This was the big source of income in these schools. When the final board exam will be in grade 12 it may not be as easy as the grade 10 students to ask them to remain in the hostel compulsorily.

This new act seems to bring many ups and downs in the field of education. Now it is the time to wait and see, how effectively the government will implement the new act.

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