DV Online Form 2021

DV Online Form 2021

DV Online Form 2021 detail information. Hence the interested can fill the DV Online Form 2021 from here.

DV Online Form 2021 Application Notice

The state government has published the notice for diversity visa 2021 online application. Similar to the previous years the dv lottery application time period is nearly five weeks. Here is online DV Lottery form.

According to the state government notice the EDV 2021 begins from the first week of October.  So the DV Lottery 2021 ends by the second week of November 2019.

EDV 2021 Online Application form

DV 2021 online application starts from today. So here is detail information about the DV lottery 2021 2022. Therefore before starting the online EDV application please read these instructions carefully.

DV 2021 2022 Important Tips              

  • Always use the recent photograph in the DV lottery form.
  • Do not use hat or cap unless it is your custom.
  • Give the correct family details in the application form.
  • Submit the photograph of your children if you have.
  • Never include the unnecessary photograph in the dv from.

Well beside this if you want to learn more about electronic diversity visa lottery check our previous articles about DV lottery.

How to fill DV form at home?

Well it is great idea. You can fill the dv from at your home itself. So for this you have to follow these steps.

  • First of all go to the official page of dv lottery.
  • The official page for dv lottery is www.dvlottery.state.gov.
  • Fill all the sections of the dv form.
  • Provide the correct size photograph.
  • Once check the details before submitting it.

Here the most important thing is the photograph. If you provide incorrect size photograph then your application form will be disqualified.

So it is obvious that if your application is disqualified there is no point of winning the green card lottery.

EDV the Easy Way to Get US Green Card

There are several ways to get the American green card. But among them this dv lottery is the easiest one for the Nepalese people.

Mystery about Green Card

The American green card is for five years. It means in every five years you have to renew the green card unless you get the citizenship.

There are many incidents where the green card holders are not able to renew it. So in such condition there is no option other than returning back to home land.

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