2021 EDV Lottery Form

2021 EDV Lottery Form

2021 EDV Lottery Form is now open. Hence the interested can fill the online 2021 EDV Lottery Form from this page.

2021 EDV Application Forms

2021 EDV Lottery Form

The state government has announced for the online DV lottery form for 2021. Similar to the previous years the candidates can fill the online EDV from themselves. Here we provide the step by step process to fill 2021 EDV Lottery Form.

New in DV 2021 Rules

The most of the DV 2021 rules are same as the previous years. However if the US government brings any change in DV rules we will notify our visitors via this page.

Hence till the date there is no any change in the diversity visa lottery for Nepalese candidates.

Every Year Thousands of DV Applications are Disqualifies! Why?

Well there are several reasons for the disqualification of the DV lottery application forms.

  • First of all the photos of DV application must be in given format.
  • Secondly you should not make double application with the same people being the prime applicants.
  • Beside this there must not be any kinds of errors in your online application form.

Winning DV Lottery Never Grants VISA for USA

As soon as you receive the second letter you have to face the visa interview. During the visa interview it is not sure that you will get the visa. So several things, determine the grant of visa.

  • The document you supply during the online application must be same while you face the interview.
  • If the people in the embassy feel that you have done some sort of cheating they never grant visa to the dv winners.

Renewal of Green Card in USA

The green card which the dv lottery winners get in USA is just for five years. So until you get the citizenship in every five year you have to renew the green card.

There are several cases where the green card of Nepalese DV winners is not being renewed.

Therefore it is not so easy what we see surficial for the DV lottery. There are many challenges for the Green Holders as well in America.

So it is not bad to go America for the financial betterment of the family. However we never suggest the people to drain out from the country.

It is sure that there is no job opportunity in the country. Similarly there is no environment for the business. But, it is our duty to create the environment for job or business in the country.

People Quit Green Card in USA

We have many people in touch who has quit the US green card. Therefore it is not like that every Nepalese want to migrate America. There are many people who have abandoned the US green card and now working in Nepal.

It does not mean that we discourage for the DV lottery application. We just want to talk about the love of home land.

Finally the bitter truth is that either the DV applicant will win the lottery and earn money. But it is sure that the DV lottery filling centers owners are earning more than what the winners will earn in America.

Online DV lottery form is available @ www.dvlottery.state.gov

Any way best of luck to all the 2021 DV Lottery Applicants.

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