DV Lottery 2023 Registration Date !!!

DV Lottery 2023 Registration Date

Millions are waiting for DV Lottery 2023 Registration Date. So, we discuss about dv lottery opening date.

Online DV Form

Diversity visa lottery application form is available here. It is completely online digital application. Complete your online dv lottery from within few minutes.

DV Lottery 2023 Registration Date

EDV 2023 registration begins from the first week of October. Hence make your documents ready for the online application.

Some Questions about DV Lottery Application

Well, today we are going to address some questions about dv lottery application. Ok, without delay let us start to reply these questions.

Which countries are eligible for DV 2023?

There is the list of dv lottery in the official page of state government. It is being updates every year. Hence if you want to learn more about it follow this link to reach the list of countries.

When can I apply for DV lottery?

DV lottery starts from the first week of October every year. so, you can make online application for 5 weeks. Generally it end at the second week of November.

Is DV Lottery 2023 Open?

EDV 2023 is now open. Hence the interested eligible candidates can apply for dv 2023. It might be the last chance for Nepali people. Hence do not miss this opportunity.  

Who is eligible for green card lottery?

Following people are eligible for the dv lottery.

  • Having minimum high school study
  • Above 18 years.
  • Having  no criminal history
  • With valid passport

Which countries cannot participate in the green card lottery?

Citizens of those countries out of the list of state government cannot apply for dv lottery. So, it is better to check the above list of eligible nations before making the online application.

Is Nepal eligible for DV-2023?

Yes, Nepal is eligible for the dv lottery 2023. No matter where are you now, you can apply for the dv lottery.

Like if you are already in United States of America still Nepali people can apply for dv lottery. There are so many Nepali students who have won the dv lottery during their study in USA.

Will there be dv lottery 2023?

Certainly there will be dv lottery 2023. Notice will come in this page. As soon as the American embassy publishes the dv lottery notice we will attach it over here. Hence stay in touch with us for all kinds of dv lottery information.

When can I apply for Green Card 2023?

Green card lottery 2023 is open now. There are several cases to get the green for USA. So, if you are willing to invest in America you can directly apply for green care.

Similarly the experts and other scholars are eligible for the green card application. If you want to learn more about it check our previous articles.

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