Cyprus Job for Nepali !!!

Domestic Helper and Nanny Job in Cyprus

There is demand of Domestic Helper and Nanny Job in Cyprus. Hence Nepali women willing to move Europe for abroad employment can apply for this job.

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You can make online application for the working visa from this page.

Domestic Helper and Nanny Job in Cyprus

Well, before talking about the job demand let us discuss on the physical situation of the country. Cyprus is an Island. It is south of Turkey and west of Syria. Cyprus has subtropical climate it means short winter and long and hot summer. Hence people willing to move for the foreign employment must know about the climate of the destination country. 

How to Apply?

Here we provide the steps for the online application to Cyprus. There are authorized agencies in Nepal to recruit Nepali nationals in Cyprus. So, we will update the job demand in this page. Hence if you are looking for the foreign employment then this page can help you a lot.

Job Demand

Here we upload the recent job demand notice. The applicants must be careful while going abroad from the agents. We have been listening about such fraud incident time and often. However, here we provide the details for the applicants.


The salary for this job ranks from 1000 to 1600 US dollar. The candidates willing to go for domestic worker requires basic speaking English. Female from 25 to 48 years’ age can apply for this job. Experience in domestic worker can apply for the post. But fresher’s can also apply for domestic workers in Cyprus.  

Water Supply

It has shortage of water. There is drought in the country. So the government has heavy investment for the water supply in the country. Similarly, in the recent days there is water pipe line from Turkey to Cyprus to solve the water crisis.

Armed Force

Cypriot National Guard is the military force of Cyprus. It consists of all three forces air, naval and land force. In the early days all the people must take 2-year army training. But, since 2016 this compulsory training period is reduced to 14 months. 

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