Diversity Visa DV 2021 Result with Name List

Diversity Visa DV 2021 Result

The DV lottery 2021 application was ended by November 6 2019. Now here we are with Diversity Visa DV 2021 Result.

Diversity Visa DV 2021 Result with Name list

Unfortunately the state government does not the dv result in the form of name list. So you have to find your diversity visa lottery result in the official website of federal government of America.

How to Find the DV Lottery Winners Name List?

People are eager to check the DV result via the name list.This is not an easy process. It is hard to gathered the name list before the distribution of Green Card. However you will expect the following item in this article.

  • Steps to find the online dv result.
  • Scam on dv lottery.
  • Things to remember while searching dv winners name list.
  • Complete solution about diversity visa lottery.

DV Result of the applicants from UAE

There are many Nepalese youth living and working in UAE. They are eligible for the dv lottery application. Hence here is the way to check the dv lottery result from UAE. It is quite similar to check dv online result from Nepal and UAE. Hence just follow the steps of dv result mentioned for Nepal.

How to find the DV result?

Sometime people are wondering the dv result in their laptop. They are searching for hours still not able to get the satisfied page. So in such situation we are providing all the basic ideas to get the online dv lottery result.

Online DV Result is available at www.dvprogram.state.gov

Diversity Visa DV 2021 Result

Every year millions of people apply for the dv lottery. The state government publishes the Diversity Visa DV 2021 Result name list only after they get the green card in USA.

On the top of this the green card thus provided is for 5 years only then after the card holder must get renewed the green card.

Name List of DV 2021 Winners from Nepal

As mentioned above American authorities publish the final name list of dv lottery winners. However the dv 2021 applicants can check online dv result by June 6 2020.

At first it was planned for the first week of May but due to covid 19 epidemic state governments postponed the result by one month.

2020 DV Winners from Nepal

According to the final name list of state government in 2020 there are 3969 dv winners from Nepal. In total fifty thousand people around the world get chance in dv lottery every year. If you are interested to check the name of dv winners see our previous articles on dv lottery.

How to Check DV Result?

Well here we give the step by step process to check the online dv lottery result. Just follow these steps for the online result.

  • Go to official website of dv lottery program i.e. dvprogram.state.gov
  • Here you have to enter the confirmation number.
  • Enter your date of birth with family name.
  • Complete the authentication code
  • Finally submit the details for the result.

This year the dv result is postponed by one month. But according to the state bureau officials the interview schedule will not be affected by it

DV Lottery Fraud Scam

DV lottery is a free program of state government. So you do not have to pay for submitting the dv lottery application. All the people meeting the criteria of dv lottery from the eligible nation can forward their online application.

DV lottery is the official program of American government hence there are not agencies to work on it. Hence if you receive email stating to increase the chance to win dv lottery and asking money it is fraud.

DV Result 2021 by 6 June 2020

The state government has postponed the diversity visa lottery result by one month. So this year EDV 2021 is going to publish by 6 June 2020.

DV Winners for 2021 Interview by October 1 2020

According to the state government though the result is late by one month it will not hamper the visa interview timetable. Due to pandemic of corona virus American government is not able to publish dv result in the stated date.

DV 2022 Online Form

People are talking that whether the US government will continue the dv lottery program or not. But it is sure that the state government will continue the dv lottery. There are several reasons behind it.

Like America has huge area. So in comparison to its land area the population density is low. Therefore to fulfill the demand manual labor the American government will give continuity for the dv lottery.

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