Electronic DV 2021 Result; DV Result 2021

Electronic DV 2021 Result

The DV lottery 2021 application was ended by 5 November 2019. Now millions of people are looking for Electronic DV 2021 Result.

Electronic DV 2021 Result

DV lottery is the official program of state government. Every year nearly fifty thousand people from different countries get this opportunity. The state government offers green card to these lottery winners. Unfortunately the American government does not publish the name list of dv winners unless it grants the Green Card.

But in this article you get all the information about diversity visa lottery from the application to the visa interview.

DV Lottery Online Application

It is completely free program. Hence you do not have to pay for the dv lottery application. Sometime it is learnt that fraud group of people ask money for the early application and so on. Diversity visa is a completely random selection program hence no one can affect the result by any means.

DV Confirmation Number

It is a secret number you obtain after the successful submission of the dv lottery form. You have to keep it safe to check the online result. Now let us discuss how to check the Electronic DV 2021 Result.

How to Check the DV Lottery Result?

DV lottery is completely computer based random selection lottery. Hence race color and region does not matter for the dv lottery. It means all the valid application forms have equal chance to win the lottery.

We are talking about the valid application form because every year thousands of dv forms become invalid due to different reasons.

How to know either my form is valid or not?

Well if you just pay attention on some of the points while filling the online diversity visa lottery form you can easily get rid of this problem. Here are the some important points to remember while applying the dv lottery form.

  • Always give the correct size digital photograph.
  • Never fill the dv form more than once for the same year lottery.
  • Provide the correct personal details as in your passport.
  • Never mention the fake information in your dv lottery application form.

What is the correct size DV Lottery Photograph?

DV lottery requires recent 600 x 600 pixels size color photograph. The background of the photo must be light colored. Nearly 70 percent of the photograph must be covered by your head.

Similarly you are not allowed to use ornaments in this photo. If you want to learn more about dv correct size photo see our previous article in this topic.

DV 2021 Winners from Nepal

It is our attempt to collect the name and address of the dv 2021 winners from Nepal. Let us see how much can we do on it. As soon as the state government publishes the Electronic DV 2021 Result we will try to update the dv winners name list in this article. Till then stay tuned with our web page for all kinds of dv lottery issues.

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus this year dv lottery result will come only in June 6 2020. Earlier it was scheduled for May 5 2020.

But according to the secretary of the state government the visa interview the lottery winners will start in its normal time i.e. October 1 2020.

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