Dashain 2074 Best Tika Time

Dashain 2074 Best Tika Time

Are you searching for Dashain 2074 Best Tika Time? Well then you can find Dashain 2074 Best Tika Time here. Dashain is the greatest Hindus festival.

It is celebrated for 15 days. The most important day of Dashain festival is the day of Tika. On this day people wear new clothes make delicious food and enjoy a lot.

Dashain 2074 Best Tika Time

So far we got the knowledge Dashain 2074 Best Tika Time is 11.55 am. According to the Panchanga Nirnyak Samitee, Tika goes on throughout the day. Many people are looking for the suitable Tika time. So we suggest you all to share this article for your friends and relative.

The above Tika time is suggested by  Panchanga Nirnyak Samitee Nepal.

What is Dashain Festival?

Dashain is the greatest and longest festival in Hindu religion. Different cast and race in Nepal celebrate Dashain in their own way. There may be slight difference in the ways of celebration in different part of the country. Basically goddess durga is worshiped during Dashain festival. Durga is the symbol of victory against ill will and false activity.

Dashain in Abroad

Millions of Nepalese are living outside Nepal. Where ever they are living their heart is in Nepal. As far as possible they return back to home to celebrate Dashain festival. Among them those who are unable to return home celebrates Dashain together in their respective countries.

Dashain and such other festival bring all non-residential Nepali more close to each other. Hence Dashain festival is equally important in abroad.

Dashain Celebration in Remote Area of Nepal

The situation of remote part of Nepal is not good. As there is scarcity of food stuffs. People wait Dashain festival even to eat rice which we called bhat in Nepali. The small kids are so happy that they will be eating rice during Dashain. Basically the day of Tika they are excited to eat rice.

Wish you all very happy and prosperous Dashanin Festival

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