Cruise Ship Jobs for Nepali Citizens !!!

Cruise Ship Jobs for Nepali

Cruise Ship Jobs for Nepali Citizens is very much attractive among the youths. Here discuss different jobs available in Cruise ship.

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Cruise Ship Jobs for Nepali Citizens

Well, before we discuss on job details let us know about cruise ship.  Cruise ships are vacationing ships. They can carry nearly six thousands tourists. Basically these Cruise ships go for round trip voyages.

Tourist gets great hospitality in cruise ship. There are all kinds of facility for the tourist including casino.

The largest cruise named Symphony of the Sea can carry maximum 6680. Now let us see the vacancy announcement in such cruise ships.

More about Symphony

It is the biggest cruise in the world till 2018. It is 361 m long. similarly it has 18 decks. There are 2200 crews in the ship.

Job Vacancy in Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships offers different kinds of jobs for the foreigners. Here is the list of job vacancy in such ships.

Restaurant Jobs in Cruise Ships

Some waiters and waitress are vacancy is operequired. Some Japanese language waiter and waitress is required. Similarly some German language speaking waiter and waitress is urgently needed for the cruise ship. So for the online application see the details at the end of this article.

House Keeping Jobs

There are different categories under housekeeping jobs. Hence we discuss them one by one.

Cabin Steward and Stewardess

The many responsibility of cabin steward is to keep the cabin neat and clean. It includes vacuuming, moping and cleaning windows.  Under this title the applicants requires no experience. Hence the fresh people can apply for the job.

Store Keeper Job in Cruise Ship

Reference:                   PCK97-8329_1596779750

Published:                   7 August 2020

Recruiter:                    V.Ships Leisure going to launch soon

Category:                    Provisions Jobs in Cruise

Position:                      Provision Master

Salary:             not specified             

So, if you are interested you can apply online for the post.

Spa and Beauty Jobs

The beautician and massage master are required for the cruise. If you have Japanese language speaking skill then you can apply for the post.

Casino Boy Job in Cruise

Some casino boys are required for the new cruise ship. The applicant must able to speak English fluently. So in this job there are already many Nepali youths working. Hence if you have good command on speaking English then you can apply for the post. The basic salary is USD 1000 including accommodation and fooding.

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Finally we would like to express best of luck for all the applicants.

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