Police Job In UAE For Nepali !!!

This is the article related to UAE Police Job for Nepali Citizens. There are millions of Nepalese workers in UAE.

UAE Police Stations

The UAE consist of four states. In these four states there are around twenty police stations in United Arab Emirates.

How to Apply UAE Police Job?

Well, make direct application from official government job banks. Here you do not have to go to the agents for the application. We mean make direct application for the government jobs from here.

Abu Dhabi Police Mobile App

Do you have Abu Dhabi Police App in your mobile? Just install it and get all kinds of UAE police service in your mobile phone.

Some More Police Jobs

So if you are interested in any one of the above police force then you can make online application from this page. We provide the detail information about these vacancies in this article.

UAE Police Job for Nepali Citizens

As there are huge migrant workers in United Arab Emirates obviously it will be easy if there is Nepali speaking police.

At the beginning the migrant workers they do not have native language skill. Hence it will be easy if there are Nepali speaking traffic police and other police force. 

Foreigners in UAE Police Force

There are already different countries citizens in UAE police force. Recently the government of United Arab Emirates has decided to enroll Nepali people in their troops.

Basically UAE is going to recruit the Nepali people in the technical field. So doctors, engineers and information technology professionals will be recruited in the first phase.

Physical Requirement for the UAE Police Force

The interested candidates must fulfill the following condition to enroll in the UAE police force.

Height:                 minimum 165 cm

Weight:               between 50 – 80 kg

BMI:                   less than or equal to 24

The physical structure must be strong looking. So if you have such criteria and the citizenship of the state then you can apply for the soldier in Police force. However there are several other technical field where other nationalities people can apply.

UAE Police Force Vacancy for Foreigners

People beside the UAE nationalities can apply in the following posts.

  • Medical specialist of different faculties.
  • Computer Professionals such as IT engineers, software engineers and hardware engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Environment Engineers

Salary and Benefits of UAE Police

United Arab Emirates police force has good salary and allowances. Here is the list of salary of UAE police force personals.  

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