CP Child Physiotherapy Assessment

CP Child Physiotherapy Assessment

Here is all about CP Child Physiotherapy Assessment. The CP Child Physiotherapy Assessment consists of therapy required for CP child. There are many CP children in Nepal. So by this article we want to make a network of CP children parents’ network.

CP Child Physiotherapy Assessment

The medical science tells that there is no medication for cerebral palsy child. So these children required lots of physiotherapy. The physical and mental progress of the CP child is possible only by physical therapy. Hence we suggest all the cerebral child parents to be regular in the physiotherapy of their children.

What Causes CP in the Child?

There are several reasons for the cause of cerebral palsy. Basically when the infant does not get enough oxygen in the brain during the birth it causes paralysis of the brain. This type of paralysis is cerebral palsy. So the most important thing is we must be careful during the delivery of the child. The newly born baby must cry after the birth. So if the infant does not cry we must consult to the doctors immediately.

Is the Infrastructure Responsible for the Cause of CP?

Sometime we say that the infrastructure of the hospital is not good enough in Nepal. But the infrastructure is not the single cause for cerebral pasty. It is because there are many CP children in the developed countries like Europe, America and Australia. Hence in such case the cause of CP may be hidden one.

Important of Physiotherapy for CP Child

The physiotherapy is very important for CP child. The physical and mental stimulation is possible only by physical therapy. Hence for the mental and physical progress there must be regular therapy for CP child. There are few CP centers in Nepal. Hence if you need help and support or counseling they may be helpful to you.

So let us wish that god will not give birth to such differently able kids. If so we must give love and care to them. But till the date government of Nepal is not responsible for the welfare of such child. Hence all the parents of CP child must be united to raise the voice of CP child to the government of Nepal.

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