SEE Exam Result 2078!!!

Class X SEE Exam Result 2078!!!

NEB publishes Class X SEE Exam Result 2078. Here we provide step by step process to get online secondary education exam 2078.

Result Page

Class X SEE Exam Result 2078!!!

SEE 2078 was completed in Baishak 2079. This time office of the controller of examination has not coded the SEE answer sheet. In the past SEE exam papers are first coded and then decoded. This coding and decoding elongates the exam marking duration and result publication.

SEE Exam 2078 Online Result

Here let us discuss some features of this exam. Long after in the history of SEE or the then SLC exam there is no coding in the exam sheets. Sometime this may affects the paper marking. According to the office of the controller of examination it is working hard to give the result as soon as possible.

SEE Exam by the End of June 2022

National Examination Board is responsible for the SEE exam. Well lets us now discuss on how to get the online SEE exam results. There are different ways to get SEE online result.

SEE Exam Result at

This is the official page of Nepal Telecom. Nepal Telecom provides the SEE result with mark sheet at So students and parents can log in this site for the online result with grade sheet.

  • Log in to this page
  • Give your exam roll number and date of birth
  • Finally submit the details for the online SEE exam results with grade sheet.

NEB Website

This gives the SEE exam results. It is the official page of examination board Nepal. Here you can find the online SEE exam result 2078 with grade sheet. This year there are around five hundred thousand students for SEE exam.

SEE Results at

This is the next portal for SEE online result. It belongs to Nepal government. Basically this site is only for SEE exam related activities. Hence you can log in to this page for the online SEE exam Result with mark sheet.

SEE Result by SMS

If you are away from internet and you do not have smart mobile phone then in such case you can use SMS method to get online SEE exam result. But this sms does not give the grade sheet. Students just know their average grade.

How to Convert Grade to Percent and vice versa?

There is formula to convert grade to percent and vice versa. Hence you can check your SEE grade in terms of percent. Just feed the grades in this formula. It is very easy and short cut formula. It does not need specific knowledge and skill to handle.

Some Questions about SEE exam Result 2078

We are going to answer some questions related to SEE exam results. Let us see them one by one.

How Can I Check SEE Result With Mark Sheet?

It is the question in the mind of all students and parents. We have easy solution about it. Have you gone through our article from the beginning? If so then you must have got the answer of this question. Therefore please read this article from the beginning to find the steps for online result with mark sheet.

How do I see the Results for SEE 2078?

Well it is the similar question. We have already mentioned all the steps for the SEE 2078 online result. Therefore just follow the above instructions for the online secondary education exam 2078 results.

SEE 2078 result you can get just in a single click. In the past, students have to wait even a week to get SLC result. Now time has changed. Due to rapid development in information and communication technology it is now easy to get online Result with mark sheet.

How Can I see my SEE Result Online?

There are different ways to get online SEE result. Just follow one of them. You can easily get the result in your smart phone or computer. Just you need in the internet. If you are in Wi-Fi zone it is easy and cheap to get SEE results.

SEE Online Result in IVR System

The next way to get SEE result using PSTN phone or CDMA phone is IVR. Dial 1600 from your land line number or CDMA phone set. Follow the instructions given there for the online SEE exam 2079 result with grade sheet.

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