NEB Class 12 Routine 2079 !!!

Class 12 Exam Routine 2079

National Examination Board has published Class 12 Exam Routine 2079. So, read the detail information given below.

NEB Class 12 Exam Time Table

Get the NEB Class 12 from this page. The exam time table is ready to publish. According to NEB Source the exam begins from the second week of Jestha 2079.

Class 12 Exam Routine 2079

Till the date NEB is planning for the board exam not in the home centers. Last year students took the exam from their own schools. This did not give satisfactory result. Hence this year students have to go to exam centers.

NEB Exam Centers

It is coming Soon. Be here to get the final exam time table.

 Educational Accident

The pandemic for more than two years has created lots of problem. Students are being addict with the gadgets. In the name of online class they are highly suffered from internet fever.

Now beside the online learning students are misusing the internet. They are busy in online games and social media only.

Habits of Students

Studying and writing habits of the students is totally spoiled. They are not interested in writing. Beside this they look for objective questions.

During the virtual classes students were evaluated by means of objective questions.

Pandemic Third Lot

It is said that the third lot of pandemic has started. So, looking at this scenario it is hard to believe that how will NEB conduct class 12 board exam.

At the same time government is providing vaccine to the students above 12 years. Hence there is slight hope to overcome the third phase of pandemic.

Class 12 Model Questions

These are the model question according to the new grid. It is totally based on new curriculum of class 12. Students are getting practical marks even in mathematics for the first time. So, utilize these model questions for the board exam preparation.

Chemistry Questions

  1. Give reason why is methanoic acid more acidic than ethanoic acid? Give suitable test to distinguish them.
  2. Find the difference between following pair of compounds?

i.       Ethanol and phenol

ii.       Chloroethane and ethanoyl chloride

  • Why is ammonia more basic than aniline but less basic than ethylamine?
  • Describe the terms:

i.       Zwitter ion                                    ii.      Denaturation of protein

  • Write the cyclic structure of product obtained by hydrolysis of sucrose. Explain in brief.
  • What is the structure of monomers of (i) Nylon 66 (ii) Bakelite.
  • Write an example of each of following compounds.

i.       Synthetic fertilizer                         iii.      An antipyretic drug

ii.       An insecticide                              iv.      Azo-dye

  • What is titrant and titration?

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