Class 11 and 12 New Curriculum

Class 11 and 12 New Curriculum

Finally the government is now eligible to implement Class 11 and 12 New Curriculum. The Supreme Court rejected the writ on new curriculum in school level.

Class 11 and 12 New Curriculum

According to the new curriculum for class eleven there are three compulsory subjects and 4 optional subjects. Nepali, English and Social studies are compulsory subjects. There are three groups of optional subjects. Students can choose one each from each group.

The detail of the new curriculum is attached at the end of this article. Hence check the details about it from the following.

Compulsory Nepali in Class 11

According to the new curriculum Nepali subject is now compulsory in class eleven. On the other hand there is now question about the faculty of in class 11. So whatever is the faculty i.e. the major subjects you choose it do not matters. All the grade eleven students have to study Nepali subject in class eleven.

Social Studies in Class 11

Social study is the next compulsory subject in class 11. However it looks very odd. Science students have to study social study as compulsory subject but mathematics is in optional group. It is mysterious that social study and Nepali are in compulsory group however mathematics is in optional group.

May be it is the irony of the nation.

Mathematics as Optional Subject for Class 11

If you are willing to study Physics and Chemistry in grade 11 still it is not compulsory for you to study mathematics. It is said that mathematics is the mother of all subjects. But why mathematics is in optional group no one can justify it satisfactorily.

Perhaps there is some hidden power in the formulation and implementation of curriculum in the country. It is not good to have frequent change in curriculum. But in Nepal in the recent years the curriculum in school level is being changed frequently.

Like class 10 students are facing the new grid in SEE for optional mathematics from SEE Exam 2076. This year due to corona virus there was not SEE board Exam. It means SEE exam 2077 students are the first batch for new grid in optional mathematics.

But again government is going to implement new curriculum in school level. What is this? I cannot understand.

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