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Here is the information about Cheapest Flight Ticket from UAE to Kathmandu. So if you are flying from UAE to Kathmandu check this list.  

Cheapest Flight Ticket from UAE to Kathmandu

There are several airlines giving service from United Arab Emirates to Kathmandu Nepal. At the same time there are many Nepali migrants working in UAE. Hence this list of lowest cost flight ticket will give more or less idea to choose the airlines while moving to home for Nepalese.

List of Airlines and their Cost

Here is the list of airlines providing flights from UAE to Nepal. Similarly we have the economy class ticket cost for each airline.

AirlinesTime and CategoryTicket Cost
Air ArabiaNonstop 3 hour 50 minuteNRs. 36659
Fly DubaiNonstop 4 hour 5 minuteNRs. 38524
Multiple Airlines1 stop Delhi 7 hour 50 minuteNRs. 28464 cheapest
EmiratesNonstop 4 hour 5 minutesNRs. 44676
Indigo1 stop Delhi 13 h 5 minutesNRs.35738
Jazeera1 stop KWI 16 hour 50 minutesNRs.458747

So if you wish to get more information it is available in trip advisor as well. This is only one example. The cost of tickets vary day by day.

How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets

It is the concern of all of us. When we are planning to travel at first it comes in our mind how to get the cheapest flight ticket. Similarly no airlines have their fixed rate for the ticket. It is determined by demand and supply. It means if there are many airlines in the same route with fewer travellers obviously the rate goes down.

Search the Ticket Rate in Different Airlines

It is wise to search the entire popular airlines website before confirming the ticket. So give some hours to search the airlines web pages. It will be wise if you make your planning little early. It is because if you book the air ticket in advance obviously it is cheaper than recent booking.

Low Cost Airline

There are many airlines giving low cost air ticket. But there are some restriction on luggage weight and food and drinks in the board. So if you are travelling very light why to pay more for the same destination.

There are so many points to take care while booking your air ticket. Hence first get all the information which is suitable for you then only book the ticket.

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