Best Tihar 2075 Tika Time Best Tika Time

Best Tihar 2075 Tika Time

Best Tihar 2075 Tika Time is 9 November 2018. So here we discuss the auspicious time for Tika. So the details of Best Tihar 2075 Tika Time is as follow.

Best Tihar 2075 Tika Time

This year Tihar Time is Kartika 23 Friday. Tihar is the festival of light. So during Tihar villages and cites are full of light. Houses are neat and clean. People celebrate this festival for five day.

Tihar 2075 ko Shubha Saait

This year tika time is on 11: 55 am Friday 23 Kartik 2075.

First Day of Tihar

First day of Tihar is the day for crow. It is also called Kag Tihar. In this day people offer food for crow. Crow is supposed as the ancient messenger. So on the first day of Tihar people worship for crow.

Second Day of Tihar

On the second day of Tihar people worship for dog. Dog is the guard of house. It gives security for the home. Similarly dog is the most dutiful animal. It is very honest. Hence people offer food and garland on this occasion of Tihar.

Third Day of Tihar

People worship cow on this day. As cow is the symbol of Durga. People offer good food for cow on this day. At the same time cow is also the national animal of Nepal. So there is great value of cow in Nepal.

Fourth Day of Tihar

The fourth day of Tihar is the festival of ox. Ox helps in the farm. So it is also the symbol of god. Hence people worship ox on this day. It is called Goverdan Puja.

Fifth Day or the Last Day of Tihar

Fifth day is the last day of Tihar. This day is called Bhai Tika. There are different opinions about the Bhai Tika. It is the day for the reunion of brothers and sisters. On this day sisters offer Tika and blessing to their brothers.

Similarly brothers also give gift and cash to their sisters. Any way this Tihar festival has great value among the Nepalese people. People living in abroad also come to their home to celebrate this festival.

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