US DV Lottery Result !!!

American Green Card Lottery Result

Countries whose natives are eligible to participate in US green card lottery are listed each year by state government. Here is American Green Card Lottery Result.

EDV Winners Name and Address

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. Get the complete list for above. The complete list is also attached at the end of this article.

Who is Eligible for Green Card Lottery?

If fewer than 50000 natives of a country immigrated to America during the last five years, that country will be eligible for the diversity visa lottery. United States department of dv program distribute fifty thousand green cards via lottery to the people of six geographic regions.

However no region will receive more than 7 percent of the total available Green Cards in a year.

American Green Card Lottery Result     

The following table shows the number of people from different countries selected as DV Lottery winners in different years.

CountryDV 2023DV 2022DV 2023DV 2021DV 2020DV 2019DV 2018
New Zealand173248360181242546213

DV Winners from Nepal

DV program does not publish the list of dv winners. It produces the list of dv winners from different countries in the world as shown above. But it is our attempt to collect the list of dv winners from Nepal. We have been doing this for many years. However it is not the authentic list of dv winners published by the state government.

EDV 2024 Result Date and Time

EDV result for this year is expected to be out by 9 pm local on May 6, 2023. It means you have to wait for couple of days more to get the online diversity visa lottery 2024. As soon as the state government and the department of labor publish the online result we will notify our audience via our social media page. Hence remain with us to get all kinds of updates about dv lottery.

DV Result 2024 with Name List

DV lottery result has published. The random selection process for the selection of dv winners is now over. It is now final checking of the lottery winners. By this Saturday EDV 2024 result will be public.

How to check DV Result?

The fresh candidates of the dv lottery will be in confusion about the dv lottery result. They may not find the correct destination for the result. Hence to guide this group of people we give the dv lottery result online steps.

  • At first go to internet browser like chrome, Firefox or internet explorer
  • Type in the address bar
  • This will take you to the official page of dv program.
  • Give all the necessary details in this page
  • Finally submit the details for the online result.

If you have any confusion during the dv lottery result contact us. our team is ready to provide help and support to the dv lottery applicants.

At last but not the least we would like to express our best wishes to all the American Green Card Lottery applicants for their upcoming result.

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