2021 Electronic DV Result; DV 2021 Result

2021 Electronic DV Result

2021 Electronic DV Result is almost ready to publish. It was scheduled to publish by May 5 2020. But due to coronavirus epidemic it is late by one month.

2021 Electronic DV Result

Diversity visa lottery was opened for one month. In November 5 dv 2021 application was closed. Now millions of people are waiting for the online result. Now dv result is approaching near. Hence here we provide the details of the 2021 Electronic DV Result.

DV Lottery Winners Name and Address

The state government publishes the green card winners list only after getting green card in America. Here it is our attempt to gather the name list of dv winners from Nepal. Once more be sure that state government does not give any notification for dv winners. The only way to check the dv result is by its official website.

How much does it cost for EDV Application?

Diversity visa is completely free program. It means you do not have to pay for the online dv lottery application. Sometime group of fraud people ask for money for the dv registration.

What is the official web page for DV Result?

There are many fake groups of people in the world. They are asking money to increase the chance of getting dv lottery. Such activities are all fraud. Hence the only way to get the diversity visa lottery is the official page of state government.

The dvprogram.state.gov is the official site for dv result.

DV Result of Nepalese applying from Korea

Nepalese people living in Korea can apply for the dv lottery. Due to EPS Topik there are thousands of Nepalese youth in Korea. Here we give the steps to check DV Result from Korea.

  • First of all go to official page of dv program.
  • Give the required details in the entrant status page.
  • Finally submit the details for the result.

DV Result from USA

Nepalese people currently living in USA under different status can apply for the dv program. At the same time the dv winners in America can face visa interview in USA itself. Just your status will change over there. So in this sense these groups of people are lucky.

DV Result of Applicants from Australia

The next destination of Nepalese students is Australia. These students as well as other also can fill the dv lottery form. They are also very much excited to see the dv result. So here are the easy steps to get dv result 2021 from Australia.

EDV 2021 Result of Applicants from India

It is supposed that nearly 3 million Nepalese live and work in India. So in this connection there might be the highest number of applicants from India after Nepal. Here are the steps to check the dv result from India.

Most of the things are same for the dv result wherever you are. The only the thing is that people living in America can face the interview in USA itself whereas the others have to come to Nepal for the interview.

DV Result of Nepalese in Europe

Here is the collection of dv winners Nepalese from Europe. Thousands of youths live and work in Europe under different status. Hence in Europe too there is big craze of diversity visa lottery. This year the state government is not able to publish the dv result in the mentioned date.

Due to Corona virus the dv result came one month late.

Is this the Last DV Lottery?

There is a rumor that the Donald Trump will terminate this dv lottery by 2022. But looking at the current situation it is not like that. America is always looking for working manpower for the better function of the economy. Hence this diversity visa lottery will continue for more years ahead.

DV 2021 Result News                                  

State government is going to publish the dv 2021 result by 6 June 2020. Earlier it was planned for May 5 2020. The reason is obvious for all of us. Millions of people are waiting for the dv 2021 result. Now it is just few days for the diversity visa lottery result.

Life of DV Winners in USA

Thousands of people are now in USA under dv lottery program. According to them life in America is vast different than Nepal. Like in Nepal single earning can support a nuclear family whereas it is not possible in USA.

People in America works like a machine but in Nepal it does not seem so. Hence if Nepalese people work like what they do in USA Nepal can be changed in some decades.

Willingness of Leadership in the Nation

Whatever is the matter finally in connects to the government of the country. So if the leader is the country is honest then everything is possible. So at this moment our country needs selfless and dedicated leader to lead the country.

Hydroelectricity History in Nepal

It is said that when there was Farping hydro power in Nepal at that time there was no electricity in China. Now chain is the mega economy in the world but let us see our situation.

This is just a small example only. If you look our history minutely there are several incidents which show that Nepal was ahead of many existing developed countries.

DV Lottery is not the Ends for Building the Nation

Very simply people may think that they are lucky to win the dv lottery. But if you make deep study on it you find yourself as second class citizens in foreign land. Many people are sharing their bitter experience. Similarly there are many people in our society who has quit the green card and came back to home land.

While talking all this we are not against the dv lottery program. But only the thing is that if we can do something in our own country it is better than to move abroad. The irony is that you will never get the self-respect in other nations like in your mother land.

Okay this much now, any way I wish you all the dv applicants very best of luck.

2021 Electronic DV Result Publishes in 6 June 2020. Till then stay calm and stay happy.

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