DV 2021 Result Sheet; EDV 2021 Online Result

DV 2021 Result Sheet

Are you looking for the DV 2021 Result Sheet? Well, here we provide the DV 2021 Result Sheet with name and address of dv winners.

DV 2021 Result Sheet

Millions of people are waiting for the dv result. Diversity visa lottery 2021 application was ended by November 5 2019. Now it is time for the dv 2021 result. This year due to COVID 19 epidemic the dv 2021 result is by June 6 2020.

How to get DV 2021 Results with Name List?

The state government does not publish the dv winners name list unless it grants green card to the winners. Hence to get the name list of dv winners you have to check this article till the end. At last we have name list of dv 2021 winners from Nepal.

Online DV Result

From the midday of June 6 dv 2021 result will be available in the state government official page. Here are the steps to get online dv result. So just following these steps you can get the diversity visa lottery result.

  • First of all go to www.dvprogram.state.gov
  • Enter your personal details with confirmation number.
  • Complete the authentication code.
  • Finally submit for the result.

DV 2020 Result Analysis

In 2020 nearly 4000 people were able to get the DV lottery. Among them nearly fifty percent has already been to America. The remaining two thousand people are under lock down. Due to lock down in the country the international flights are suspended. Hence this group of dv winners is not able to go America.

DV 2021 Interview Date

This year dv lottery result is one month late than its usual schedule. But according to the bureau of state government it will not affect the interview date. That means the state government will start the visa interview from the 1 October 2020.

Why People are Crazy for DV Lottery?

It is bitter truth that everyone in the world has dreamed to live and work USA. We do not know why. But here I want to give my opinion.

  • Firstly the education for their siblings.
  • Job opportunity in the country.
  • Cheap livelihood in comparison to the earning.
  • Mega economy of the world.

These are some points what I personally feel why people want to go to America. Beside this there might be several reasons. If you feel some more reasons to migrate USA please leave your comment in the comment box below.

Confirmation Number Lost

You must keep your dv lottery confirmation number safe. But by the way if you have lost it still you can check the diversity visa lottery online result. so for this you have to follow these steps.

  • Go to the entrant status checking official page of the state government.
  • In the first page you can see check the dv entrant status.
  • There you can find one option mentioned confirmation number lost.
  • Click in this button and follow the step given there.

DV 2021 Winners Name and Address

Unfortunately the state government does not publish the name list of dv winners. However after you get the green card state government publish the name list of green card holders. But we are trying our best to collect the name list of dv winners from Nepal.

DV Lottery Selection Process

DV lottery is completely random selection process. It is computer based selection process. Hence there is no personal interest or influence during the selection process. The most important thing is that you must be able to submit the valid application.

What makes the DV Application Invalid?

Well there are some crucial points which make your diversity visa lottery form invalid. The first and foremost reason to make you online form invalid is your photograph. During the dv lottery application you have to submit the recent photograph of 600 X 600 pixels color photograph.

This is the size of the required photo but within this photo you have to maintain many other criteria.

More about the DV Lottery Photograph you can read in gbsnote.com.

DV Lottery Second letter

All the dv lottery winners will not receive visa interview next letter it is called the second letter. State government selects nearly 20 percent more then it requires.

It is because the entire selected candidate may not be eligible for receiving visa. Hence to overcome this problem US government selects more than the required number of candidates.

DV Winners Visa Interview

The visa interview of the dv lottery winners begins from 1 October every year. The candidates submitting fake certificate and other false document will not get the visa. There are several examples in our community who were rejected for the visa after winning the dv lottery.

DV 2021 Final Result

This year the dv result is one month late than previous years. Due to corona virus epidemic the state government is not able to publish the dv result in May. All the dv lottery applicants can get their online dv lottery result by June 6 2020.

Finally we would like to wish very best of luck to all the applicants of dv lottery.

Our attempt to gather the dv winner’s Nepalese name and address from all the continents of the world let us see how much we can do in this regard. We are preparing DV 2021 Result Sheet.

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