2021 EDV Application Forms; Online DV 2021 Application!!!

2021 EDV Application Forms

2021 EDV Application Forms is now open. So the interested candidates can fill the online 2021 EDV Application Forms from here.

Apply 2021 DV Lottery from here.

2021 EDV Application Forms

Similar to the previous years this year too diversity visa lottery form is now open. Here we give the details about the online 2021 EDV Application Forms. We kindly suggest reading this article thoroughly.

DV 2021 Online Form

Well you can fill the online DV 2021 form from here with a single click. So, for this purpose you have to follow the given instructions. Every year thousands of Nepalese DV application forms are being disqualified.

Name and Address of DV Winners From Nepal

Hence there is no chance to win the DV lottery if your application form is disqualified.

Causes of DV Forms Disqualification

There may be several reasons for your DV form disqualification. Among them the most important point is your photograph.

So for this your dv photo must be according to the given size. Failure to provide the correct photo leads the rejection of your application form.

How to Develop Correct Size DV Photo?

It is easy to develop correct size dv photo. First of all your photograph must have clear and light background. Similarly the size of your dv photo must be in 600×600 pixels. The photograph must be the recent one.

The official website for DV lottery is www.dvlottery.state.gov.

Like, you cannot use the photograph more than 6 months old. It means you must take the recent photo for the DV lottery. 

Winning the DV Lottery Never Grants US Visa

The next challenge for the dv lottery winners is to face the visa interview. The details you have given during the application must be true.

So if you are not able to meet the criteria of state government for the dv lottery you will not get the visa.

Hence there are several cases of visa rejection after winning the dv lottery. So we kindly suggest you all to provide the true information during the DV Lottery Application.

Green Card Tenure                

The American Green Card is for five years. So after five years you have to renew the Green Card. You have to face interview in America itself for the green card renewal process.

In this course also if you are found with some mischief your green will not be renewed.

There are many cases where the green card holders are not able to renew their card for next tenure.

In brief you must be true in your activity. If you try to cheat in any area it will certainly hard hit you yourself either you are in Nepal or USA.

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