Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075 2076, Nepal Vehicle Tax Rate

Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075 2076

Here is Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075 2076. This is according to the budget speech for the fiscal year 2075 2076.

Many people are looking for Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075 2076. So to fulfill that desire we are here with the new vehicle tax rate.

New Dead Line for Tax

Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075 2076

Here first we discuss about the new road tax for the vehicles. So far we got the knowledge from the concern source it is as follow.

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Road Tax for Two Wheeler like Bike Scooters

Engine Capacity         Tax Amount

Up to 150cc                Rs. 15,000

151cc to 250cc            Rs. 18,000

251cc to 400cc            Rs. 50,000

401cc and higher         about Rs. 1, 80,000

Private Vehicles Tax for the Fiscal Year 2075/076

Annual Renewal Tax for the Two Wheels Vehicles

This is the annual tax for the two wheeler. Looking at this it seems that there is no change in the vehicle annual tax rate for two wheeler.

Engine Capacity       Tax Amount

Up to 125cc                Rs. 2,500

126cc to 250cc            Rs. 4,000

251cc to 400cc            Rs. 8,000

401cc and higher         Rs. 15,000

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 Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075 2076 Four Wheels Private Vehicles

The annual tax for private four wheels is as follow for the coming fiscal year.

Engine Capacity       Tax Amount

Up to 1000cc              Rs. 19,000

1001cc to 1500cc        Rs. 21,000

1501cc to 2000cc        Rs. 23,000

2001cc to 2500cc        Rs. 32,000

2501cc to 2900cc        Rs. 37,000

2901 cc and higher       Rs. 53,000

Annual Tax for Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheeler, Tempo, Tractors and Power Tiller

Vehicles Types                                                     Tax Amount

Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheelers and Tempo              Rs. 5,000

Tractor                                                                  Rs. 4,000

Power Tiller                                                           Rs. 3,000

Tax Rate for Heavy Vehicles

The annual renewal tax for the heavy vehicles is as follow.

Vehicle Category                                                          Tax Amount

Dozer, Excavator, Loader, Roller, Tipper, Crane                   Rs. 35,000

Mini-Tipper                                                                     Rs. 25,000

Tax Rate for Buses Mini truck/Mini bus                              Rs. 22,000

Truck/Bus                                                                      Rs. 30,000

Public Vehicles Tax Rates 2075/2076

Now we discuss about the tax rate for the public vehicles. These vehicles pay less than the private vehicles. The more details about the public vehicles tax rate are as follow.

Annual Tax Rate for Car, Jeep, Van, Micro Bus 2075-2076

Engine Capacity                                Tax Amount

Up to 1300 cc                                     Rs. 8,000

1301cc to 2000cc                                Rs. 9,000

2001cc to 2900cc                                Rs. 11,000

2901 cc to 4000 cc                              Rs. 13,000

4001 cc and higher                              Rs. 15,000

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