Embossed Number Plate Nepal

Embossed Number Plate Nepal

Well here we discuss about Embossed Number Plate Nepal. This is the new concept in transport management in Nepal. This Embossed Number Plate is the digital number plate in the vehicles. The government is going to invest huge amount for Embossed Number Plate Nepal. So after the introduction of Embossed Number Plate Nepal there will be few cases of vehicles robbery.

How to get Embossed Number Plate Nepal?

Embossed Number Plate Nepal form is available in the web page of department of transport management Nepal. So, concerned people can apply the online form for Embossed Number Plate Nepal via this website. In the first phase this embossed number plate is for Baghmati zone.

How to apply for Embossed Number Plates Nepal?

You have to fill the online application for the embossed number plate. So when you submit your online application form you will get notification in your email or sms in mobile phone. Then after entering this code in the application form the next page will be open. Finally you will get notification about your embossed number plate. This notification tells you when and where to collect the number plate.

23 Types of Number Plate Reduced to 5

Currently there are 23 types on number plate use in vehicles. So after the introduction of embossed number plate it will reduce to 5. This will be easier for all for the technical and administrative work. Not only this for the laymen also it will be easier to understand the system of number plate.

Safety of the Vehicles

There are several incidents where the thieves used fake number plate after stealing the vehicles. There was no mechanism to check such fraud activities in the past. But after the introduction of embossed number plate system such activities will be automatically vanish. Therefore the embossed number plate is very much useful for all of us.

USE of Recent Technology in Embossed Number Plate

On the other hand the Embossed Number Plate is the use of recent digital technology. It is the demand of the era. So to keep Nepal updates in the recent technology also it was must for Nepal to use this digital technology.

Embossed Number Plate Size and Color 

Vehicle Type    Size in mm
Two wheeler (Motorcycle/Scooter)     300×80
Three wheeler (Tempo)     240×130
Light Weight Four Wheeler (car/jeep/van)    430×110
Tractors    430×110
Heavy Weight Vehicle(Bus/Trucks)    520×110


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