22000 Working Visa Job in USA !!!

USA Working Visa Job from Nepal

The state government takes thousands of migrant workers every year. Here we discuss on USA Working Visa Job from Nepal.

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To fulfill the rising demand of temporary workers in USA Biden administration has decided to provide additional 35000 seasonal workers visa. This decision will made the US labor sector comfortable to supply the necessary demand of non agriculture sectors labors.

The department of homeland said about it in its regular press meet.

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Complete this free online job application. Just give few minutes for online eligibility test.

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You can submit the online application form for the American working visa. Take a short eligibility test for the US work permit visa. Basically there is high demand of seasonal workers in USA. Due to pandemic America is suffering from labor shortage.

Job Application Online Form

It is free online form. You do not have to pay for this job application form. Just complete the form with your personal details and send to the advertised firm.

Only the eligible candidates will get job offer letter. According to your knowledge and qualification the companies will contact you for further process.

Vacancy in USA for Migrant Workers

America is going to take 22 thousand additional migrant workers. This group of people will be working in agriculture and industrial sectors. You can choose the sector according to your knowledge and qualification.

Seasonal Workers in Agriculture Sector

America is the highest producer of maize and wheat. So for the harvesting of this crops America needs huge number of labors. It cannot be fulfilled from the domestic market only. Hence to manage it the state government calls for the seasonal working visa.

Industrial Working Visa for America

At the same time US government provides working visa for the industrial workers as well. Therefore individuals having good knowledge and qualification can apply for this visa. You can take online test to know more about the visa that fits for your knowledge and skills.

USA Working Visa Job

If the demand of labor cannot be fulfilled from the domestic market in such case private company can take foreign workers in their companies. Here is the procedure to take migrant workers in US based organizations.

How to Apply US Working Visa Job

First of all find the US based company looking for the migrant workers. Then send your documents along with CV. The corresponding company will reply you with their reaction on your job application.

  • Submit your application with CV for the demanding company.
  • If you are selected for the job then they will send you the petition form. 3
  • It is the official document of the American labor department to enroll foreigners as the workers in US based companies.
  • Apply for the visa in US embassy of your country with job offer letter and petition form.

Types of Work Permit Visa in USA

There are several kinds of working visa for America. We have discussed in length about it in our previous articles. Hence interested can read about it from our past articles.

DV Lottery

Diversity visa lottery commonly known as DV lottery gives you opportunity to live and work in USA. It is computer based random selection lottery. The winners of this lottery are eligible for the American green card. This permanent resident will let the individual to live and work in United States of America.

EDV 2023 Winners from Nepal

It is the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal. The state government has just published the dv winner’s result in its official page. Hence the dv lottery applicants can check the online result from here.

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