Who Can go For USA Work Visa Job !!!

USA Work Visa Qualification

Depending upon your skill, knowledge and qualification the state government provides working visa for the foreigners. Here we discuss on USA Work Visa Qualification.

Working Visa Qualification

Depending upon your knowledge and qualification there are several working visa opportunities in USA. The most important thing is to choose the right category of visa.

H-2A Visa (Seasonal Workers Visa Job)

    In case of labor shortage in America private companies can enroll foreigners in their organization. Individual willing to join this job must fill the I-129 for on their behalf. Details you can learn from the official page of the state government.

      Apply Now

      Check your basic eligibility for the US working visa job. This will let you know either you are eligible for the working visa job in America or not. Just give couple of minutes to know your eligibility. Noneligible persons cannot apply for the working visa job.

      Job offers from USA

      It is essential to have job offer letter from your employer in United States of America. However, you can make online job application as of your qualification and skills. Job offers letter is compulsory for the visa application in the American embassy in your country.

      USA Work Visa Qualification

      Check the list of requirements for the working visa in USA.

      Approved Petition File

      The US based employer needs to take permission from the government to enroll foreigners as employee. Therefore, the US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) gives the approval letter to the interested American companies to take foreigners as the workers in the organization.

      Labor Certification Approval by Department of Labor

      Individual cannot work in America without the approval of department of labor. Hence you need to attach this approval letter during visa application in the US embassy of your country. All the required documents must be attached for the visa interview.

      Duly Filled DS-160 Form

      Complete the nonimmigrant visa application form. This will give you the visa interview date. Print a copy of DS 160 form and keep it with other documents for the visa interview.

      Beside this there are several other factors that affect your visa. The visa rate for the working visa is not encouraging in the developing nations like Nepal.

      Seasonal Working Visa in USA

      During the harvest season there used to be labor shortage in agriculture sectors. Hence the state government provides the seasonal working visa of six months to address this gap.

      Seasonal working is one time visa. It means you cannot repeat the same visa in your life time.

      Based on your previous experience and skills there are so many kinds of visas that will let you to live and work in America. For Details, please check our previous articles. We have been working on it for many years. Hence if you have any questions on the working visa job in USA, please leave your queries is the comment box below.

      DV Lottery

      The diversity visa lottery is the attractive program of US government. This will give you permanent resident card known as green  card in USA. Every year the state government provides nearly 50 thousand green cards for the dv lottery winners.

      Finally, we would like to suggest all the interested individual to learn in details about us working visa job before proceeding ahead.

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