US Immigration with Work Visas !!!

US Immigration with Work Visas

Depending upon your work experience and knowledge there are different options for US Immigration with Work Visas.

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Seasonal Working Visa for USA

The United States of America provides seasonal working visa for the foreigners. The citizens of the eligible nations can apply for this visa. The seasonal working visa for USA is for six months only.

US Immigration with Work Visas

Individual seeking for the working visa job in USA has many options. These includes temporary working visa, investors visa and business visa and many more.  

Learn more about Temporary Working Visa in America.

Employment Based Green Card in USA

Every year the state government provides thousands of green cards under the employment-based category. In this case individual gets permanent resident card in US. The employment based green card has five sections, they are EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 and EB5.

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Students Exchange and Visitors Visas

Young students willing to build the career can start their further study in USA. It is the education hub in the world. Basically, students willing to study computer and information technology can find America as the best destination.

These students can work in their long holidays. 

DV Lottery

Diversity visa lottery winners get American green card. This is permanent resident card. The card holders can live and work in USA. Among all the available options dv lottery is the easiest way to get permanent resident in America. However, the lottery applicants used to be large in number.

Requirements for USA Working Visa Job

As mentioned earlier America is under going shortage of labors. Hence to fulfill this demand state government provides working visa for the foreigners. People from south America are eligible to live and work in USA in specified sectors. Similarly citizens of other nations can get work permit visa in USA on the basis of their knowledge, skill and qualification.

How can I get Working visa for USA?

There is no single answer for this question. It depends upon various factors. Like it depends upon your nationality. Similarly, it is based on your skill and experience. Like skilled people can easily find the job with work permit visa in America irrespective of the nationality.

How long does it take for work permit visa?

It may take couple of months to get working visa for USA. At the same time it depends upon your employers. If the employer completes your petition file in time, then you can take visa appointment in your country accordingly.

Finally, we suggest all the interested individuals to learn more about the working visa of America before approaching to the local agents.

Sometime fake people may cheat you in the name of US working visa job.

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