USA Green Visa Application Form

USA Green Visa Application Form

United States of America is going to provide 5 years USA Green Visa. Here you find USA Green Visa Application Form.

Apply Now

Take a short eligibility test for this Green Card Visa for America. This visa will let you to live and work in America for five years. You might think about application process. It is completely online application.

USA Green Visa Application Form

It is free online application form. You can complete this form yourself. Just download it and provide the basic information about it. Eligible candidates have to face interview.

Only short listed candidates will face online be called for the online interview before facing the visa interview.

Qualification for Green Visa

The skilled and qualified people are highly encouraged to apply for this visa. As mentioned above such visa will let you to remain in USA for five years. In this visa you do not need sponsors and petition file.

US Working Visa Application

There is shortage of labor in American labor market. So to fulfill this gap state government itself calls for the working visa. The eligible and interested candidates can apply for this visa. There are some restrictions for this visa. Hence learn more about US working visa from our previous articles.

US Job Application Form

There is demand of foreign workers in American Agriculture sector. Basically during the harvesting period there is high demand of labors. US government cannot fulfill this demand. Hence they call for migrant workers.

So, US government is compelled to enroll foreign workers in their domestic market.

US Job in Industrial Sector

Beside agriculture sector government of USA enrolls foreign labors in industrial sector as well. However there are some terms and condition for this visa. Candidates meeting these conditions can apply for this visa.

How to Get Working Visa in America

It is not as difficult as you think to get working visa for USA. However you must have certain qualification and skill for working visa.

There is no required of qualification and skill for seasonal workers visa. It is just for six months. Similarly you can go apply for such visa twice in your life. It is only one time in your life.

22000 Working Visa for America

In the fiscal year 2022 America is going to enroll additional 22 thousand working visa. Beside its normal intake state government is going to provide this much huge number of working visa.  

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