UAE 5 Years Green Visa !!!

UAE Green Card Visa

United Arab Emirates is going to implement UAE Green Card Visa for five years. This green visa will let the migrants to live and work in UAE.

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You can take a short eligibility test for green card visa for UAE. UAE is the major destination for Nepali migrant workers. There are millions of Nepali migrant workers in UAE. The skilled and qualified people can apply for this resident visa.

UAE Green Visa

This is the new scheme of United Arab Emirates. Basically the government is trying to attract investors from the world. Ultimately, goal of this green visa is to uplift the economic growth of UAE.

UAE Green Card Visa

This visa will let you to live and work in UAE. There is high demand of qualified migrant workers in UAE. Hence people willing to live and work in UAE can take this opportunity. Well now let us discuss who can apply for this visa.

Who Can Apply for UAE Green Card Visa?

The following candidates can apply for this visa. If you have such qualities then you can live and work in UAE with resident visa.

  • The foreign investor can apply for this visa.
  • The qualified and skilled person
  • Foreign entrepreneur willing to invest in UAE.
  • The freelancer and technical persons.
  • Scientists from world top universities

Highest Paying Job in UAE

United Arab Emirates is the growing touristic hub. Similarly it is the transit hub for Europe and America. Hence UAE is attracting qualified and rich investors from the world. Here is the list of best paying jobs in UAE.

If you want to learn more about the best UAE jobs check our previous articles.

Green Card UAE Visa

The individual does not need sponsor or employer for this visa. The government of United Arab Emirates provides five years residential visa for this purpose. Therefore individual willing to live and work in UAE can find this visa a best option.

Details about this visa are available in the official page of UAE government.

How to Apply DV Lottery from UAE           

The foreign resident currently living in UAE can apply for diversity visa lottery from UAE itself. No matter where are you now if you are the citizen of the eligible nations you can apply for the dv lottery. The state government is going to implement new rules for dv lottery. You can get the dv new rules from this page.

EDV New Rules

Every year dv program brings some new change for the dv lottery. Like passport is compulsory for the main applicant of dv lottery. Similarly it is going to implement new rules for EDV 2024. The new rules are under discussion in the American congress. As soon as the bill is passed from the parliament it will works as rule.

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