US Working Visa for 2022 !!!

US Working Visa for 2022

There is acute shortage of skilled and semi-skilled workers in American labor market. So, to fulfill this gap the private companies are taking foreign migrant workers in their companies. Here GbsNote is with US Working Visa for 2022 detail information.

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You can take short tour to find either you are eligible for the working visa or not. Though you feel that you are eligible better to take this online test.

US Working Visa for 2022

There are different kinds of visa to live and work in USA. In addition, with this the next type of visa to live and work in America is temporary working visa. Basically this visa is for the seasonal workers. As you know well that America is the largest producer of wheat and maize in the world.

Hence, there is high demand of seasonal workers in the agriculture sector in United States. So, if you are willing to work as seasonal workers read this article till the end.

Seasonal Workers Demand

Basically, during the harvest of the agricultural products there is shortage of labor. Like harvesting of fruits is not possible by machine. Hence America thousands of working visa for this seasonal workers.

Demand in Industrial Sectors

If the America based company is not able to fulfill the vacancy from the American labor market in such case the company is eligible to hire the foreign migrant workers. Here is the procedure to hire the foreign citizens.

Investor Green Card

If you are planning to start business in USA, then you can directly apply for the green card. Here are the details about it.

Beside the general rules and regulation for Green Card you must follow these conditions to be eligible for the green card application.

  • Minimum 5 million US dollar investment
  • The business must generate at least 10 permanent staff employment
  • Permission from the concerned local authority in America.

If you want to learn more about it you can check our previous articles.

Petition Application

The company on the behalf of employee has to apply for the permission to hire migrant workers. For this the company apply the application with the required documents in the concerned local level authority. It is not the tension of the employee. The employee has to send the documents soft copy the sponsor company.

Visa Application

Now when you receive the job offer letter from your company you can proceed for the visa application. The follow document is required for the visa application.

  • Minimum 6 months’ valid passport and its copy.
  • Two copy passport size photograph.
  • Universities certificates
  • Vocational certificates if you have any
  • Computer training certificate
  • Job offer letter and its copy.
  • Completely filled I 129 form

Before visiting the embassy in your country you have to take the appointment for the visa interview. Generally, you get this date during the completion of I 129 form.

DV Lottery

The next easy way to live and work in America is the diversity visa lottery. There are almost all the nations citizens in United States under this scheme. Nepal gets nearly 10 percent of the total number of EDV selectees.

Every year the state government calls for the online application of dv lottery. It is completely free program. Hence people of eligible nations can make free online application.

If you need more help on US Working Visa for 2022 contact us.

EDV 2023

Perhaps this might be the last chance for Nepali people for the dv lottery as the number of Nepali migrants is increasing day by day. Hence do not miss to apply the EDV 2023. Here are some new rules for the dv lottery.

EDV New Rules

The state government is going to introduce some new rules in diversity visa lottery. Like in the past there was no provision of passport during the lottery application. It has been couple of years that passport is mandatory for dv lottery.

The bill is under discussion in American congress. When both the houses pass the bill it will act as rule. So as soon as the bill will be passed we will inform our readers from this page.

2023 DV Lottery Application

The dv lottery application period for 2023 starts from 10, October 2021. Hence the interested candidates can complete their online application themselves. It is not necessary to go to agents for the online application.

On the other hand, do not share your confirmation number to anyone. You must keep it safe for the result. Later you have to check the dv result using this number.

DV Winners Name and Address

All of us know that the state government does not publish the name and address of dv winners. But it is our attempt to collect the name and address of dv lottery winners together with their photographs. We have been doing this for many years.

Here is the name list of dv winners from Nepal. It is not the list published by the state government. We have assembled it via different media.

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