2022 French Army Job Application Form !!!

2022 French Army Job Notice

GbsNote provides different kinds of job notices. So, today we are here with 2022 French Army Job Notice.

We are pleased to keep you update about the French Army Job intake 2021-2022. In this page we provide application form, eligibility test and more about France army job application.

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All the selection procedure begins in the selection center in France for people from outside the European Union countries.

Requirements for France Army Job

  • Candidates from Schengen countries need to submit identity card or passport.
  • People outside the Schengen countries have to submit the valid passport only.
  • You must be able to read and write in your mother tongue language i.e. Nepali citizens must be able to read and write in Nepali language.
  • No college degree is needed.
  • Married can also apply for the job.
  • Provide the family details supportive documents  

Apply Now

French army has one unit for the foreign nationals. Therefore, in this unit there are many Nepali citizens serving as French army. Beside the top rated salary there are other benefits for French Army.

It is not the official page for the French Army Job Application.

We are providing the knowledge and information about it. Hence read this article properly to get the complete knowledge for France Army job application.

Military Force

President is the supreme commander of the military force. It has different units in the military force.

  • French army
  • France navy army
  • French air and space force

France army is the largest among all the European countries. It is the sixth largest force in the world. The French army is just behind the Russia.

2022 French Army Job Notice

French army job is different kind of job. This is different in the sense that interested individual can start the selection process at any time throughout the year. Hence you can apply for the job in your convenient time.

French Army Job History

There are many countries in the world which enrolls the foreign nationals in their security force. While talking about Nepali citizens they are world famous as Gurkhas.

Hence France government also trust on Nepali citizen for their hard work and dedication. Till the date thousands of people from Nepal had already served as French army.

Job Facility

Well, let us now talk about the facility and benefits of the French army. First of all, the French army has good salary. On the other hand, they have handsome post job facility.

Like for the foreign nationals if they wish they can take the permanent resident card of the country after their five years’ service.

  • Yearly 5 weeks leave.
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Light driving license after training
  • Retirement fund after job
  • Professional development course for the interested candidates
  • Permanent resident card after 5 years’ service.

How to Apply France Army Job?

You need to get European Union country visa. So, when you have this visa you can go to the section center in France. There you will get the details for the job. Once when your selection begins you get free accommodation and food.

Job Interview

Beside the physical examination you have to face many round interview during the section process. Basically the experts try to find out the core interest of the candidates. Actually they want to explore the reason behind the job.

Physical Test

Candidates for French army job must be below 40 years. Some other physical tests are as follow.

  • 2800 m running in 12 minutes
  • Pull ups
  • Push up
  • High jump
  • Long jump

IQ Test

There will be short intelligent Questions test. The candidate must pass this exam to get the job.

The job application is not possible from the French Embassy of your country. As mentioned above you have to reach France as a visitor then there it starts your selection process.


France is one of the developed European country. Every year millions of tourists visit France. Hence it requires security force from different part of the world. While talking about Nepal there are more than 500 Nepalese in France army.

Life Style in France

It has 93 percent French people and 7 percent foreign nationals. The capital city of France is Paris. The official language is French. Frank is the currency of France. People in France follow different religions.


France has parliamentary system. The upper house is called the senate and the lower house is called the national assembly.

Beside this there are several other countries in the world taking foreign nationals in their security force. We have details about all these countries and their selection process in gbsnote.com. hence instead of repeating the same content over here we suggest you to check our previous articles.

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