US Job Online Application Form !!!

You have to submit US Job Online Application Form to get job offer letter. When you get job offer letter then you have to apply for visa.

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Complete this job online application. As soon as your application form with bio data is approved by the department of labor then you will get job letter from your employer.

US Job Online Application Form

 As mentioned above the working visa obtaining process is given below.

  • Search the appropriate job online as your qualification and experience.
  • Make online job application.
  • Your employer will complete the I-129 petition forms.
  • The labor department will review the petition form and the documents.
  • If the labor department approves your application then you have to proceed for the visa.
  • The working visa application is similar to other types of visa for USA.

Due to scarcity of labor in the American labor market recently the state government has allowed the private companies to take foreign unskilled labors. There are several types of working visa for USA.

EB-3 Working Visa

This is for the unskilled workers having capacity to work as unskilled labor. These visa holders are eligible to apply for the green card in USA. Beside this the spouse and the unmarried children below 21 years are eligible to apply for the permanent resident card.

Seasonal Workers for USA

Both the agriculture and industrial sectors enroll foreigners as seasonal workers in USA. This seasonal visa is for six months only. On the top of this no one can go under the same visa to times in America. Hence it means that it is for once to each interested people.

22000 Working Visa for USA

In this fiscal year the state government is going to take 22000 additional seasonal workers. So, detail about it you can read in our previous articles.

There you can find the answer of these questions.

  • How to apply seasonal working visa?
  • Who are eligible for this visa?
  • What is the cost of application?
  • Details about the salary and other benefits.

DV Lottery

The next easy way to get green card in USA is dv lottery. Every year 55000 people around the world get dv lottery visa. Basically people from the countries having low migration rate to United States are eligible for this lottery program.

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