US Temporary Worker Visas !!!

US Temporary Worker Visas

A citizen from foreign country willing to work in America must have either US Temporary Worker Visas or permanent immigrant visa. Here we discuss on temporary working visa.

Important Notice

Effective from February 19, 2016 any person seeking to work as temporary agricultural workers must have H-2A visa. Similarly the spouse and accompanying children also must have visa if they wish to work as agricultural workers.

US Temporary Worker Visas

Generally, a foreigner who wishes to work in United States must first obtain visa either temporary nonimmigrant or permanent immigrant visa. So, for both types of visa you need to file the petition on behalf of your employer.

Now you have to approach the embassy or consulate office with this approved petition for the visa application. The US citizenship and Immigration Service [USCIS] has full right either to accept or reject the petition. Hence approved petition is required for the visa application.  

Temporary Workers Visa Categories

H-1B Visa:

This visa is for well skilled individual. People with special occupation knowledge and skill are eligible to get this visa. Basically people for research and development under the department of defense are eligible for this visa.

H-1B1 Visa:

This visa does not require petition. Similar to the above visa it also needs special knowledge and skill. People willing to work in specialty occupation can get this visa. More detail about it you can read from the official page of the state government.

H-2A Visa:

This visa is for the temporary agricultural workers. The state government provides this visa in the limited number according to the demand of labor. The United States government determines the number of visa each year looking at the labor market.

H-2B Visa

This visa is for the temporary workers in non-agricultural sector. There is scarcity of labors in industrial sector in USA. Hence the government allows the private sector to hire the foreign workers in their companies following the US labor department norms.

The working visa application process is in our earlier articles. Hence if you want to learn more about working visa in USA please check our previous articles.

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