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US Immigration with Green Card

Having green card allows you to live and work in United States of America. The US Immigration with Green Card may vary depending upon your individual situation.

Check Your Eligibility

Find yourself either you are eligible for the US working visa or not. Just take few minutes to know whether you can apply work permit or not.

US Immigration with Green Card

There are several categories of green card eligibility. Hence let us discuss on it one by one. Here are some green card eligibility categories so you have to choose the best according to your condition.

Apply for 22000 Working Visa in USA

Recently the state government has temporally increase the working visa by 22 thousand. Hence you can make the online application just following the official link.

Green Card Through Family

The spouses of the US citizens are eligible to apply for the permanent resident card. Similarly, unmarried son or daughter of American citizens below 21-year age can also apply for the green card.

The spouses of the Green Card holder of America are eligible. The unmarried son or daughter below 21 years’ age of card holder can apply for the permanent resident card in USA.

More details about it available in the official page of US citizenship and Immigration service.

Green Card Through Employment

There are different preference levels employment in USA. So, this different level individual can apply for the green card in America.

  • People having extra ordinary ability in science, arts, education and business can apply green card with work visa.
  • Outstanding professors and researchers are eligible for the green card application.
  • Skilled worker having good skill and experience.
  • Unskilled workers are in the least preference of the state government to provide the permanent resident card.

Green Card as Special Immigrant

You may be eligible for the Green Card if you are:

  • Member of nonprofit making organization.
  • Refugee of some countries who has abandoned the country.
  • Find the list of countries in the page of USCIS America.

DV Lottery

The next common and popular way to get American green card is diversity visa lottery. It is very much popular in Nepal. There are thousands of dv lottery immigrant in USA.

EDV 2022 Winners Name and Address

Here is the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal. We have prepared this list with the help of many dv lottery winners from different parts of the country. Hence you can check this list dv winners from here.

Beside this if you want to learn more about the US immigration as well as Working Visa in USA you can leave your queries in the comment box below.

US Army Job for Nepali

The permanent resident can join the American army. If you are willing to join the US army here is the procedure. Please go through these steps to apply for US army job. There are hundreds of Nepali currently working in American armed force.

Working Visa for USA

No one can start the work without work permit in America. Hence what so ever is your visa does not matter. First of all, you have to take the work permit to start the job in USA.

EDV 2023 Application

If you have not been selected in dv lottery 2022 you can apply for EDV 2023. The dv lottery online application starts from the first of week of October and last in the second week of November. Remain in touch with us for the timely information about all kinds of dv lottery issues.

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