State EDV 2021 Result; DV 2021 Online Result

State EDV 2021 Result

State EDV 2021 Result is most awaited in Nepal. Thousands of people are waiting for the diversity visa lottery.

DV Result with Name and Address

We have been talking about the DV winners name list in previous years as well. Hence this year too we are planning to collect the name list of dv winners from Nepal. So as soon as the state government publishes the DV result will try to publish the name of dv winners in this page.

State EDV 2021 Result

Diversity visa lottery is the easiest way to get permanent resident visa in USA. So every year nearly fifty thousand people from different countries get chance to live and work in America. While talking about Nepal there is big craze of dv lottery in Nepal.

Every year millions of Nepali people apply for the diversity visa lottery. According to the notice given by the state government the DV lottery 2021 result publish May 5 2020.

EDV Result!  DV Result!!!  EDV Result!!! Hurray

Finally edv result is now out. This year about four thousand people from Nepal have been selected for the DV lottery. Here is the name list of the dv winners from Nepal. As mentioned above we are planning for collection of name list of dv winners from Nepal.

Life in USA for DV Lottery Winners

Life in America is very busy. Every adult member of the family must earn for the livelihood. All the DV winners from Nepal do not get skilled job there.

Mainly you need the American certificate either academic or vocational to get skilled job there. Hence the life of their kids is better compared to the adult dv winners.

Diversity Visa Lottery Result

Every people do not prefer to live and work in America. There are several people who have quit the American green card and return back to home land. It is up to your perception.

We hope you understand what we mean in the above paragraph.

Hence the education and knowledge to the kids either taken from Nepal or born in US is fine.

Any way we would to congratulate all the DV winners of the year 2021.

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