2077 Public Holidays List; All the Public Holidays of 2077

2077 Public Holidays List

Here is 2077 Public Holidays List. So you can get it for your record. The ministry of information and communication finalize with the discussion of other ministries about public holidays in Nepal.

2077 Public Holidays

2077 Public Holidays List

Here is the Nepali calendar for the year 2077. At the end of the calendar we have list of public holidays for this year. The New Year 2077 first day is Monday. Every year this first day of Baishak is a public holiday.

Baishak 01 New Year
Baishak 11 Mother’s Day (Modern Democracy Day)
Baishak 18 International Labour Day
Baishak 25 Lord Buddha’s Birthday
May 28 (Jestha 15) Republic Day
August 03 (Shravan 19) Janai purnima
August 04 (Shravan 20) Gai Jatra- (holiday only in the Kathmandu valley)
August 21 (Bhadra 05) Holiday for Women in Teej Festival
Sept 10 (Bhadra 25) Jitiya Parva, leave for the women in Terai Region only
September 19 (Ashoj 03) Constituent Day
Oct 23-27 (Kartik 07-11) Dashain Holiday
Kartik 29-30 & Mangsir 01 & 02 Tihar Holiday
November 20 (Mangshir 05) Chhath Parva (Holiday only in Terai)
December 25 (Poush 10) Christmas Day, leave only for Christians
December 30 (Poush 15) Udhauli Parva, Yomari Day, Dhanya Purnima, Tamu Losar
Jan 14, 2021 (Magh 01)   Maghe Sakranti, Maghi
February 12, 2021 (Magh 30) Sonam Losar
March 08, 2021 (Falgun 24)   International Women Day
March 11, 2021 (Falgun 27)   Shivaratri Festival
March 14, 2021 (Chaitra 01) Gyalpo Losar
March 28, 2021 (Chaitra 15)     Fagu Purnima Holi in Hilly Regions
March 29, 2021 (Chaitra 16) Happy Holi in the Terai Regions
April 11, 2021 (Chaitra 29)   Ghode Jatra (leave only in the Kathmandu valley)

The next public holiday in this month is the Labour Day. The first of May is the international Labour Day. This year the Labour Day is in on Baishak 19 Friday.

Official List of Public Holidays for 2077

Horoscope for the year 2077

Here is the detail of the horoscope for the year 2077. You can see the details of your zodiac sign in this page. Basically we have prepared the yearly analysis of each zodiac sign.

List of Public Holidays in Nepal

11 Jan                       Sat Prithvi Jayanti
15 Jan Wed Maghe Sankranti
25 Jan Sat Sonam Losar
30 Jan Thu Martyrs’ Day
19 Feb Wed Prajatantra Diwas
21 Feb Fri Maha Shivaratri
24 Feb Mon Ghyalpo Losar
8 Mar Sun International Women’s Day
24 Mar Tue Ghode Jatra
2 Apr Thu Ram Navami
14 Apr Tue Nepali New Year
24 Apr Fri Loktantra Diwas
1 May Fri Labour Day
7 May Thu Buddha Jayanti
25 May Mon Ramjan Edul Fikra
28 May Thu Ganatantra Diwas
31 Jul Fri Edul Aajaha
3 Aug Mon Raksha Bandhan
11 Aug Tue Shree Krishna Janmashtami
11 Aug Tue Gai Jatra
21 Aug Fri Hartalika Teej
23 Aug Sun Rishi Panchami
26 Aug Wed Gaura Parba
1 Sep Tue Indra Jatra

We will be updating the list of public holidays according to the Nepali calendar. So we suggest all our visitors to have patient until Nepal government publish the detail list.

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