SEE Exam 2076 Result Date; SEE Result 2076

SEE Exam 2076 Result Date

Millions of parents and students are now waiting for SEE Exam 2076 Result Date. Now here we discuss on SEE Exam 2076 Result Date.

SEE Exam 2076 Result Date

At this moment schools are working to prepare the marks ledger of the students. According to the notice of National examination board Nepal schools are supposed to submit the students marks ledger to the district education coordination unit on or before Asar 20 2077.

SEE Exam 2076 Result is going to publish by Tuesday 20 Shravan 2077.

Similarly the district education coordination unit will tally the 3 copies of marks ledger provided by the respective schools. If there are any errors this unit will make the necessary correction before forwarding the ledger to the examination board.

SEE 2076 Online Result

This year in the history of Nepal the SEE i.e. the then SLC exam result is based on the internal evaluation of the respective schools. At this moment the monitoring of the concerned authority is very essential.

No doubt the students have to face entrance exam for the grade 11 study but the marks given by the schools must be reliable.

The concern is that students with A plus grade must be like what it must be. We can see in so many cases that students with very nice grade in secondary education exam are not able to pass the class 11 and class 12 exams. Actually what such cases are reflecting in the education sector of the country is a big question.

Internal Evaluation of SEE 2076 Students

At this moment 3 members schools decision committee is responsible to prepare the marks ledger of the SEE students. According to the guide line given by the Nepal government it is clear about how to prepare the marks ledger. But the concern is that either this guide line will be strictly followed by the schools or not.

Real and True Evaluation of the Students is Necessary

Like if the none deserving students get average GPA 4 in the SEE exam what will really happen to the hard working students of the same school. So it is not the time to give marks randomly to the students but it is time to make real and true evaluation of the students.

At the same time the decision committee formed in the schools must be free from hello affects. It is the human nature that teachers have some sorts of image of their students in their mind.

Being the teenager students might have done some mistakes knowing or unknowing during their school time. So the decision committee must be free from such incidents in their mind. Otherwise students’ evaluation will not be hundred percent true and real.

2076 SEE Exam Result Date

Last year SEE result was published on June 27 2019. So if this year too there was normal situation it is now time to publish the SEE result. But all of us know that due to COVID 19 this year there is no SEE exam. Instead of this schools are sending their evaluated marks ledger to the district education coordination committee as mentioned above.

Therefore looking at this scenario probably the national examination board Nepal will publish the SEE exam result by the second week of Shravan 2077.  

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