SEE 2075 Social Studies Questions SEE Model Questions

SEE 2075 Social Studies Questions

SEE 2075 Social Studies Questions are here. We suggest all the parents and students to share this SEE 2075 Social Studies Questions.

Attempt all SEE 2075 Social Studies Questions

Group: ‘A’

Write very short answer to the following questions: (7×1=7)

  1. Mention any two socio-cultural features of Gandaki Province.
  2. Write one important achievement that Nepal achieved in reference to the Millennium Development Goals.
  3. What kind of dance is Kartik Naach? Who introduced this dance?
  4. In which sector does INF work?
  5. Write any two importance of share.
  6. Name the countries of Triple Alliance.
  7. Write any two negative effects which may be caused by globalization.

Group: ‘B’

Give short answer to the following questions: (10×4=40)

  • Mention the similarities of seven provinces in four points.
  • What are the challenges to achieve the goals of sustainable development in Nepal? Write them
  • As a student, what sort of role can you play to conserve local musical instruments and folk dance in your area? Write down.
  • Although, untouchability is an illegal act, it has not been eradicated yet. How would you convince a person of your community believing in untouchability? Write in four points.
  • In all levels of election, a great percentage of votes casted are still invalid in Nepal. Prepare a dialogue on the ways or measures to reduce the invalid votes casted in each election.
  • Present the following data in a bar chart.
Countries Total Area in sq. km.
Magnolia 15,64,116
India 32,87,263
Nepal 1,47,181
Bhutan 38,364
  1. Differentiate between Mediterranean Climatic Region and Monsoon Climatic Region.
  2. Complete the following and show in a timeline.
Date Events
21st Mangsir 2014 Government formed on the chairmanship of Subarna Shumsher
1st Fagun 2015 Promulgation of Constitution of Nepal, 2015 BS
13th Jestha 2016 B.P. Koirala formed cabinet
22nd Paush 2017 Beginning of Panchayat system
  1. What is the present situation of Consumers’ Rights in Nepal? Are the efforts made by the government is enough for the protection of Consumers’ Rights? Present your logic in a paragraph.
  2. Why is Security Council considered as the Executive organ of UN? Write in four points with examples.

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Group: ‘C’

Give long answer to the following questions: (4×7=28)

  1. Compare the formation process of the House of Representative and National Assembly. Why is the National Assembly called the permanent? Give reasons. (5+2)
  2. Draw an outline map of Nepal and insert the following facts: (3+7)

Coffee Production Area  Lhotse Mountain

Baraha Chhetra              Mechi River


Draw the map of Africa and insert the following facts.

Strait of Gibraltar     Savanna Grassland  Congo River     Mt. Kilimanjaro

  • What do you mean by the World War? Explain any four major causes of the World War I and write any four effects of it. (1+4+2)
  • What is insurance? Clarify the types of insurance in short and mention four advantages of insurance. (1+4+2)

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