SEE 2075 HPE Questions; HPE Model Questions

SEE 2075 HPE Questions

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Class: 10                                                                                  Full Marks: 75

Subject: Health, Population and Environment Education  Time: 2:15

Group A

Give very short answer to the following questions:

  1. Under which aspect are natural and artificial objects related to?
  2. Write the formula of Crude Birth Rate.
  3. Clarify the importance of communication in a sentence.
  4. What is sustainable development according to Brutland commission?
  5. Availability of standard education provides quality life. Write your logic.
  6. Write any one use of ‘Yarsagumba’.
  7. What are the types of dysentery? Name them.
  8. Compare ‘HIV’ Aids and poverty in the context of Nepal in two sentences.
  9. Write any two importance of community health.
  10. What does safety lifestyle mean?
  11. Write any one symptom of high altitude sickness.

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Group B SEE 2075 HPE Questions

Give short answer to the following questions: (9 x 4 = 36)

  1. What are the different aspects of health, population and environment education?
  2. In a certain city of Nepal has 40,000 people on the first day of a year and 60,000 at last day of the year, 1500 were born and 500 died. 1500 elsewhere came to settle there and 750 people from the village went out to settle. Calculate PGR.


What is total fertility rate? How is it obtained? Clarify with formula.

  1. What are the features of vasectomy? State them.
  2. Explain the ecosystem of mountain region with any one related aspect of it.
  3. Specify the elements of quality of life.

HPE Model Questions SEE 2075 HPE Questions

  1. Mention any four activities to conserve biodiversity of the local community.
  2. What are the causes and symptoms of diabetes?
  3. What suggestions do you give to make your friend free from smoking?
  4. Lifestyle of Nepali people is the major health problem in Nepal. Justify.

Group C

Give long answer to the following questions: (4 x 7 = 28)

  • Mention the consequences of rapid population growth seen in environment in seven points.
  • Compare the biological aspects of Mountain and Terai region of Nepal.
  • What are the government institutions that provide health services in our country? Write about any five of them in brief.
  • a.      Why mental tension arises among boys and girls during adolescence? Give three reasons. (3)

b.      Write down the symptoms and first aid treatment for snake bite. (4)

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