Qatar Police Job Interview Questions

Qatar is going to hire foreign nationals in their police force. So here we have some important Qatar Police Interview Questions with their answers.

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Qatar Police Interview Questions

The ministry of interior of Qatar government is going to enroll foreign citizens in police force for the world cup football 2022. In this football tournament there will be spectator from all around the world. Hence it is looking for the people from Asia, Africa, Arabs and other nations.

Police Job Interview Questions

This Qatar police job interview is not so tough like other jobs. Basically you have to answer the simple questions very confidently. Actually they are measuring your level of confident than any other skills. Therefore, during the interview, you must not be nervous.

Qatar Police Job for Foreigners

The foreign nationals can serve Qatar police force under the contractual basis. Nonnative citizens cannot get the permanent police job. Foreign nationals get two years’ contract which can be renewed.

Talking about the Nepali citizens one batch has already joined in 2019. At that time around 600 people from Nepal joined this force. Now this time ministry of interior of Qatar is going to take around 12000 youths in their security force.

Some Sample Questions and their Answers

  • Tell me about yourself

While answering this questions you must give your short introduction. Similarly, include your qualification and experience. At the same time talk less which gives good impression for the interviewer.

  • Sample Answer

Thank you very much for your question. I am Hari Bahadur KC from Butwal, Nepal. I served for 16 years in Nepal army. During my job I have been to United Nations peace keeping force. This mission gave me extra ordinary training in my career.

  • Why do you want to Join Qatar Police?

While answering this question you must highlight the importance of Qatar police in the peace keeping of the country. Similarly, give focus to the upcoming FIFA world cup football.

  • Sample Answer  

Sir, thank you for the question. As Qatar police is one of the renowned police force in the world I had a dream to serve in this organization. So, I want to show my knowledge and skill in this organization.

Beside this here are some sample questions. In the same way as we discussed try to answer them to the point. The most important thing is that never include the fake information in your bio data.

Some More Questions

  • Why do you want to join Qatar police?
  • What did you do during your army/police job?
  • Why do you want to go abroad job leaving your family?
  • Do you have any weakness?
  • What is your strengths?
  •  What is the role of police officer?


If you want to join the Qatar police force your interview is very important. Hence during the interview, you must give a kind of impression to the interviewer. Go to the interview with well dress up. While talking remain in eye contact. Never bow your head during interview.

Finally, we would like to express good luck to you all.

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