Primary Level TSC Nepal Mathematics Questions

Primary Level TSC Nepal Mathematics Questions

Here we have some Primary Level TSC Nepal Mathematics Questions. These Primary Level TSC Nepal Mathematics Questions are useful to TSC Nepal candidates.

Primary Level TSC Nepal Mathematics Questions

This time teacher service commission Nepal has asked the teachers for all three levels. Basically in this article we focus on Primary Level TSC Nepal Mathematics Questions.

As you know that the primary level teacher candidates have to face 60 marks subjective questions. Among these questions one 10 marks questions is from mathematics. So, one mathematics long question will be there for primary level teacher candidates.

Primary Level Subjective Questions ( प्रा वि बिषयगत प्रश्न )

Primary Level Teacher Service Commission Nepal Questions

  • Teaching mathematics is a challenging job. So how can you give the concept of addition and subtraction for the junior level students?
  • How can you use the information and communication technology to teach mathematics in primary level?
  • Do you think that there must be the use of teaching material while teaching mathematics if so how can you make the use of local materials as teaching aids?
  • There is high system drop out in primary level. It is said that one of the prime cause is mathematics subject in this matter. So as a mathematics teacher how can you make your class interesting?
  • How will you give the concept of basic geometry for the primary level students?
  • It is said that community school’s teacher do not use their potentiality in the class; give your version in this regard.

Primary Level English Questions

At the same time primary level teachers have to face one long question of English subject. So if you are looking for English questions then you are here. We have separate article for English subject so just follow that article for English questions.

TSC Nepal Primary Level Nepali Subject Questions

Similarly there is one ten marks long questions for primary level teacher candidates from Nepali subject. Therefore if you are interested in the Nepali model questions then you can check it here. We have big collection of both subjective as well as objective questions here.

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Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the teacher service commission Nepal candidates for the upcoming written exam.

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