One Year BEd Practicum Work Schedule

One Year BEd Practicum Work Schedule

Here is the complete One Year BEd Practicum Work Schedule. So this One Year BEd Practicum Work Schedule will help the students to prepare school report.

One Year BEd Practicum Work Schedule Chapter One

This One Year BEd Practicum Work Schedule first chapter contains the following.

  • Historical background of the school
  • Present situation of the school
  • Review of the organizational structure

Review of the organizational structure the following times are included

  • Educational and administrative structure of the school
  • School management committee
  • Parent teacher association
  • School administration
  • School staff
  • Financial activities of the school

The next important part of the study is the student related study. Students are the main component of the school. Hence during the study of the school student’s report is very essential.

Student Related Study

  • Student record
  • Student’s discipline
  • Student’s attendance
  • Students number and class size
  • Repetition situation of the students
  • Number of drop out
  • Teachers and students ratio

Examination System in the School

  • Existing administrative policy and counseling service
  • Administration policy
  • Promotion of the students
  • Daily work plan of the teachers
  • Annual work plan
  • School uniform and sanitation
  • Office operation
  • Extra class for the weak students

Physical Management of the School

  • School building and physical management
  • Playground and the sport materials
  • Science and computer lab

One Year BEd Objective Questions 

Study of the school’s financial Situation

  • School’s annual budget
  • School and local community relationship
  • Future action plan of the school

Chapter Two Case Study

The case study contains the following chapters.

  • Introduction
  • Objective of the study
  • Limitation of the study
  • Methodology
  • Data collection
  • Presentation, analysis and interpretation of data
  • Major findings
  • Conclusion
  • Suggestions

Chapter Three Seminar Programmed

This chapter contains the following components.

  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Significance
  • Discussion of the key components
  • Conclusion
  • Suggestions

Finally we give the frame of the school report. So the practicum report contains the following components.

  • Cover page
  • Approval letter
  • Acknowledgement
  • Table of content
  • Abbreviations
  • List of tables
  • The List of the figure
  • List of the chart and graph
  • Main body of the report
  • Reference
  • Appendix

So this is our attempt to provide certain guide line for the student of one year bachelor of education. Hence One Year BEd Practicum Work Schedule mention above will guide the students to prepare the school report. Finally this report will fulfill the demand of 100 marks practicum subject.

Well beside this if you have any question contact us. Because our team is ready to help you all.

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