EDV Lottery Result 2024

Nepal EDV Lottery Result 2024

It is comprehensive guide for Nepal EDV Lottery Result 2024. DV lottery is an exciting program of the state government.

Nepal EDV Lottery Result 2024

We will guide you to find your online dv lottery result hence you do not have to waste your time and resources. Just follow these steps to get the online diversity visa lottery result.  

DV Winners from Nepal

If you are the luck winner then you can find your dv lottery result by 6th May 2023. The steps for the online dv lottery result are as follow.

  • Visit dvprogram.state.gov
  • Here tap on check status and go to continue
  • Now you will see page fill your confirmation number together with your date of birth and family name.
  • Finally submit the details to get the online result.

DV 2024 Winners Name List

All of us know that state government does not publish the name list of dv winners. But it is the attempt of GbsNote to collect the name list of dv winners via different sources. We have been doing this for couple of years. Hence the dv applicants can check the result from this list as well.

EDV Online Result Date and Time

We are not the authorize body to give the dv lottery result. Just we share the information about the diversity visa lottery. Similarly we provide the information about working visa job in USA.

USA Work Permit Job with Out TOEFL

Seasonal workers do not need university qualification and TOEFL test. If the demand of labors cannot be fulfilled by the domestic market is such case US based companies can enroll foreigner in their organization.

How to Apply?

First of all you have to create the job application ID. When you upload all the documents in this job application online forum then it will automatically search the jobs appropriate to your knowledge and qualification.

It is all online application. Hence it takes time. It is not sure that you will get the job.

Application at your own Risk

Proceed ahead at your own risk. GbsNote is not responsible to any kind of financial transection you will make to any agents or individual. Learn more about America Working Visa job.

Make a deep study then only move ahead.

However we will be providing all kinds of available jobs for foreigners in USA. Rest of the things applicants must find out themselves.

Seasonal Workers in Agriculture Sector

The state government provides seasonal working visa in agriculture sectors. It is for six months only. At the same time it is one time visa. It means you cannot go to America in seasonal working visa more than once.

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