Ncell Nepal First Private Telecommunication

ncell Nepal

Ncell Nepal is the first private telecommunication of Nepal. In the beginning it was known as Mero mobile. Later on it is renamed as Ncell.

Ncell Nepal Private Telecommunication of Nepal

It is also the largest business organization to pay huge amount of tax to Nepal government. Now Ncell Nepal has distributed some fraction of its share to Nepali citizen as well.

 Ncell Nepal Services for Customers

It is the one of the best service provider to the Nepali customers. Similarly it brings many aggressive packages to the customers. Either it is festive offer or New Year offer there are several package to the customers.

Ncell Nepal Facts

  • The first private telecommunication in Nepal.
  • Due to the use of exchange centers of Nepal Telecom the voice call of Ncell is costly then Nepal Telecom.
  • Ncell itself cannot determine the cost of voice call without the permission of Nepal Telecom.
  • In some cases Ncell Nepal is more costly then NTC like the use of 3G network.
  • Ncell Nepal charges Rs. 2 in each balance transfer from Ncell prepaid to Ncell prepaid, where as it is free in NTC.

Ncell Nepal voice pack cost

Packs Price including taxes Minutes Usage Per minute price including taxes Validity
Daily Pack Rs. 11 11 Can be used to call anytime of the day. Re. 1 24 hours
Weekly Pack Rs. 60 70 Can be used to call anytime of the day. 86paisa 7 days
Monthly Pack Rs. 200 400 Can be used to call anytime of the day. 50 paisa 30 days
Daily Night Pack Rs. 8.78 120 Can be used to call from 10pm – 6am. 7paisa 24 hours
Daily Day Pack Rs. 8 30 Can be used to call from 5am – 5pm 27paisa 24 hours

In comparison to above pack of voice call Nepal telecom has got no such options for its customers. Ncell claims that is has highest number of customers as compared to other service providers in Nepal.

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