Computer Marking Scheme SLC 2072

SLC Computer Marking Scheme

Subject: Computer

Q.No. Answer Marks
1 a)  The cabling structure in which computers are connected in LAN is called 2
topology. 2
computer computer
hub/switch 2

(or any other satisfactory answer)

b) symptoms of virus attact are (Any two)
The computer will find difficult to boot or does not boot at all.
File or data will be lost
Unnecessary message or picture may be displayed 2
Computer may hang frequently
(or any other satisfactory answer)
c) Advantage: Information combined with multimedia will be easy to understand
and convincing. ( Or any correct answer)
Disadvantage: Computer needs extra hardware like CD-Drive, head phone, 2
sound box, etc, which adds expense.
(or any other satisfactory answer)
  1. d) To protect the computer software:

Do not used pirated software, use antivirus software and update frequently, use password, keep the backup copy of important data or software, use firewall to prevent virus.

(Any two correct answer).

  1. Service of Internet:
    • www
    • chatting
    • E-commerce
    • E-mail (any two)
2 a) (i) (208)10 = (11010000)2 1
(ii) (104)8 = (68)10 1
b) (i) 11000 1
(ii) 10010
3 a) Microwave (i) unguided media 0.5
b) UTP (ii) guided media 0.5
c) UPS (iii) Power protection device 0.5
d) SMTP (iv) Protocol 0.5


4 a) false 0.5
b) true 0.5
c) false 0.5
d) true 0.5
5 a) Antivirus 0.5
b) hacker 0.5
c) ISP 0.5
d) server 0.5
6 a) URL Uniform Resource Locator 0.5
b) HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 0.5
c) LAN Local Area Network 0.5
d) MODEM Modulator Demodulator 0.5
7 a) Data type use in MS-Access. 2
i. text
ii. number
iii. autonumber
iv. yes/no
v. curcency
vi. OLE (any four)
b) Collection of interrelated data of somebody or something on any topics ,
subject or purpose is called data base.
Example – telephone directory
c) Query is an object of MS-Access used to view, change, analysed data
according to user’s requirements.
8 a) false 0.5*4
b) true
c) false
d) true
9 Group ‘A’ Group ‘B’ 0.5*4
i) OLE Data type
ii) Validation limits the value
ii) Form data entry
iv) Indexing easy to search
10 a) Procedure is a block of statements that solves a particular program. 1
b) i. char ii. int iii. float iv. double  (any two)
c) OPEN- used to open sequential data file to read and write data. 1
MKDIR- To creat new directory. 1
11 DECLARE Function Sum (m, n). 0.5*4
Rem to print sum of two numbers
CALL sum (a, b)
FUNCTION Sum (m, n)
S = m + n

SLC Computer Marking Scheme

12 The output 2
The simple interest = 10
(provide 2 mark for those who attempted the question or who wrote missing
function procedure)
13 a) user defined function: Prod 2
14 a) Write a program using SUB…END SUB to display reverse of input string. 3
Declare sub rev (a$)
Input “Enter the string”; a$
call rev (a$)
Sub rev (a$)
For k = LEN (a$) to 1 step – 1
c$ = MID$ (a$, k, 1)
d$ = d$ + c$
next k
PRINT “Reverse of input string is”, d$
End sub
(or any other satisfactory program)
b) Write a program using Function…End Function to find area of triangle 3
Declare Function area (b, h)
Input “Enter the breadth”, b
Input “Enter the length”, h
PRINT “Area of triangle is”, area (b, h)
Function area (b, h)
A = 1/2*b*h
Area =A
End Function
c) CLS
REM program to display the contents of the data file called ADDRESS. dat 3
PRINT “NAME”,  “Age”, “City”,  “Telephone”
INPUT  #1,  Name$,  Age,  City$,  Tele$
PRINT Name$,  Age,  City$,  Tele$

English SLC 2072 Marking Scheme

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