Letter Grading System Results in Details

Letter Grading System Results in Details

Today we are going to discuss about the letter grading system results. This Letter Grading System Results was introduced in SEE exam 2072 at first.

Letter Grading System Results in Details

As you know that there are 9 grades in this letter grading system. So, sometime people name it as no fail system as well. However students cannot join the different faculties without required grade points in their exams. Hence we cannot say letter grading system results as no fail system. It is because every year many SEE students are getting very low GPA.

Description of Grade Points of Letter Grading System

As mentioned above the 9 grade points of letter grading system are as follow.

Grade Grade Point Percentage Interval Description
A+ 4.0 90 to 100 Out standing
A 3.6 80 to 90 Excellent
B+ 3.2 70 to 80 Very Good
B 2.8 60 to 70 Good
C+ 2.4 50 to 60 Satisfactory
C 2.0 40 to 50 Acceptable
D+ 1.6 30 to 40 Partially acceptable
D 1.2 20 to 30 Insufficient
E 0.8 Below 20 Very sufficient

Some Questions for Teacher Service Commission Nepal Exams

  1. What is the grade point for A+?

Ans. 4.0

2. How is the grade A described?

Ans. It is described as excellent result.

3. Which category of grade point is defined as satisfactory?

Ans. C+

4.How many grades are there in the letter grading system results?

Ans. There are 9 grades in letter grading system.

5.When was letter grading system introduced in SEE exam at first?

Ans. SEE exam 2072

6. What is the percentage interval for the grade D?

Ans. D is for the marks obtaining between 20 and 30.

Well beside this from the above table you can answer many objective questions of teacher service commission Nepal. Beside this if you have any question contact us for further details.

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