How to Check SEE Result? Steps for SEE Online Result!!!

How to Check SEE Result

Are you thinking about how to check SEE Result? Well then here we provide steps for how to check SEE Result.

How to Check SEE Result?

There are different ways to check online SEE result. Here we give the steps to get the SEE result via official websites.

National examination board Nepal gives online SEE result. So for this you have to go to following page.

NEB Official Website:

SEE Result in Nepal Telecom Website

NTC Nepal provides SEE result in its official page. The official page of NTC for SEE result is So to get the online SEE result with grade sheet you have to follow these steps.

NTC Nepal official Website:

SEE online Result with Grade Sheet

You can get the SEE online result by mobile sms. So to get the online SEE result with grade sheet follow the give steps.

  • Go to the message box in your mobile phone.
  • Types see <space> exam symbol number.
  • Send it to 1600 for the online SEE result.

SEE Online Result by IVR Service

Students can get the online SEE result via IVR service as well. So for SEE result by IVR service the Nepal Telecom users can dial 1600 and follow the instructions given there.

SEE Result in Private Web Portals

Here is the list of sites giving SEE online results. The office of the controller of examination publishes the list of private sectors giving online SEE result.

So the students can get the SEE online result in these ways.

SEE Evaluation System

A+ = 90% and above (Grade Point 4.0) (Remark: Outstanding)
A = 89% to 80% (Grade Point 3.6) (Remark: Excellent)
B+ = 79% to 70% (Grade Point 3.2) (Remark: V Good)
B = 69% to 60% (Grade Point 2.8) (Remark: Good)
C+ = 59% to 50% (Grade Point 2.4) (Remark: Above Average)
C = 49% to 40% (Grade Point 2.0) (Remark: Average)
D+ = 39% to 30% (Grade Point 1.6) (Remark: Below Average)
D = 29% to 20% (Grade Point 1.2) Remarks:Above Insufficient
E = 19% and below (Grade Point 0.8) (Remark: Insufficient)

Now we are sure that you got the answer to your question, How to Check SEE Result?

If you have more questions about SEE online result please leave your questions in the comment box below.

Last Year SEE Statistics

Below is the last year SEE Result Statistics. So this year result summary will also come in this page after SEE 2075 result publication.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the 2075 SEE students for their upcoming result.

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